Looks like dhan is buying fake reviews on playstore

I think dhan has been buying fake 5 star reviews on playstore, it is clearly obvious and evident, see the images:

Do you even offer mutual funds yet? All these reviews seem fake and very obvious, you should’ve done a better job while deciding to buy fake reviews, these are so obviously fake lol.

Also very dissapointed with dhan to see that use such tactics, let the reviews be genuine and make a good platform so that people would genuinely rate it higher.
You will obviously deny it but I’m really dissapointed.


It’s okay, every business buys reviews. It is because the competitor also buys negative reviews to put the rising stars down. It is a tactic used in business to defend the image.

I personally think it’s wrong, and also against the terms of Google Play Store


cmon man hire me to write reviews, i will be so better than those copy paste reviews

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No response to this post by any member of dhan,
Dhan team and @PravinJ be like
images (8)

People should open dhan page on playstore and see, all reviews are fake, very dirty tactics used by dhan, My respect for them dropped.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Naman @shraddha
You should respond to this post.
Of course you’d deny it but I’m curious how you’ll reply.

For someone who cares enough to ensure that everything we do is perfect and that we pay attention - these reviews and copies are disastrous, if we would have paid for them - we will fire the agency. The copies are terrible and it doesn’t reflect anything we do on our app.

That aside, most of the reviews here are actually spam. Check the referral codes pasted, they belong to some other apps and are simply copy pasted to ours, we can’t do anything about it. If you would speak to anyone in industry, they know that the shelf life of this is few days before Google removes them automatically - and you will see that these kind of reviews appear for all apps that are decently popular, not just dhan. We also have seen our competition reviews pasted on our apps and even negative reviews as well.


I don’t think so Dhan is buying fake reviews ( @PravinJ has already clarified on that) but I had earlier found Dhan’s advts to be misleading (they said free Tradingview membership) but I could understand that that was required because they were a new entrant in market .

The app and the platform definitely deserves 5 star rating, because it is one of the best in the industry.

I thank the entire team for providing such an amazing platform and would like them to focus on the major customer pain points and not lose focus niche needs

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Hi @Vignesh_N, while on this topic - all advertisements from stock brokers are approved by exchanges. We spoke to some users who said they were confused, post that we updated them as well to be more explicit.


Hmm it does appear so, thanks for correcting me and letting me know, also would like to ask, since ddpi has come and forever orders will come soon, the only important and fundamental thing missing is price alerts with notes, title or name.
This is a must feature but still dhan doesn’t offer it,
If both of these feature come (forever order, with proper alerts that allows us to add notes or title)
Then I’ll really move to dhan.
Another thing I’d wanted to make a post about is building something to help traders do post trade analysis. You’ve given us traders diary but that is very basic if you’re really interested I can give you solid feedback that you can use to build something powerful
To help traders do post trades analysis and learn from their mistakes.

@PravinJ adding to what @Yash0301 had requested, below are few features that would be very much helpful, can you please clarify if you have this features requested by us in pipeline?

  1. Trading Journal (like yash said, the traders dairy looks cool) but if you can incorporate a trading journal, there is no one to stop you guys, this would be a game changer like many of us user have been saying for a long time.

  2. Importing .xls (Excel file) to the watchlist

  3. Longer alerts on mobile as well as app ( 1 minute alert instead of a 1 second notification) along with notes

  4. Set the alert from charts

Dhan is already far much better than Zerodha or Fyers but needs active promotion from users like us

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all feature discussions + upcoming roadmap are here: Upcoming Features on Dhan: For Feb & Mar 2023

I wanted to ask you one thing, Can we do something about our stoploss orders being blown away?
I mean let’s take a scenario where you purchase a stock at 100 and set a stop at 95, but one day the stock gaps down at 87, it blows through your stop and because of that the stop doesn’t get trigger and the losses mount, This happens during high volatility periods and if we can come up some solution, it’ll help all sorts of traders, Options traders would find it useful as well as they can experience this when market gaps big.
If you come up with some solution it will immensely help traders, take a look at adani stocks for example I bet many stops were blown.

Is there a way to place such an order or create such a mechanism where if a stock crosses above or below a certain price level or is below or above it, it is automatically squared off or an order to protect loss is executed?
Or maybe you can give us an option to opt for executing a order if a price alert is triggered, in that case we may set an alert for the stock if it crosses above or below our specified value.
I am not aware of whether you can build something or not and also I am not aware of the regulations and such things so, if what I said is impossible to build, then forgive me for my ignorance. However if you can build something like this to solve this problem then it’ll be an immense help to traders of all kind. what you think? @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Naman

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