Lots of bugs under Dhan trading view platform (Im-proper candle formation this time)

Also sometimes the position doesn’t show up when you buy at market price while scalping. This has been the worst experience so far. I couldn’t even exit my position or add SL without refreshing. Fix basic stuff before jumping to new “features”. Horrible! I’m leaving Dhan platform.

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I totally understand this! :slight_smile: But how are others doing it right then? I am sure they also receive the data from the exchange.

@PravinJ I would suggest you to find a fix for this even if it includes a lil delay in price by shifting to a third party source.

The only reason, people who trade on price action and scalp totally on the candle formation will not use your platform. You are missing out on generating revenue from these people and TRUST ME, THESE SCALPERS will give you the MOST REVENUE!

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Yes, Market orders have execution speed VISUALIZATION issues a lil. It’s very difficult to explain in detail but yes, there’s a fraction of delay. The order gets executed in the backend but appears late on screen.

btw, are you here from Indian Street Bets Discord? I was very active there once upon a time so ur username sounds familiar.

I know so many young traders who will love Dhan but these small issues will push them away.

I have read this multiple times but there needs to be a solution. How can someone trade with incomplete candles at crucial levels?

If you see, the price has bounced back from that exact level where I posted the screen recording.

Even after all this, if Dhan team is not able to recognise the problem, I am sorry to say that this platform is not made for fast traders. It may be excellent for people who INVEST or love FEATURES but people who SCALP or TRADE on CANDLES, will not use it regularly.

I am not criticising but only demanding a fix which can be done. Others are doing it so what stops you Dhan Tech Team?!

I wouldn’t have even scratched my head for this here and instead would have focused on minting money using other broker.

The only reason I ask for fixes here is because of a capable team who always works on making Dhan a step higher in every build!


Saw the other post you mentioned @Diamond, don’t have an account there but got through someone whom I knew and checked. Other platform does a browser refresh, on Dhan we do on-chart refresh all same settings, indicators and studies intact.

Also not taking this as criticism, we never do. Don’t worry about that.

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Hmmm. Maybe that can be the reason. No way to retain the OHLC data in the candle?

Idk why but I never wanna leave Dhan. That’s why I always demand fixes.

If I ever leave Dhan, it will be only because of these very little issues which can be critical for scalpers like me.

Such an excellent platform, reliable connection, great customer support, feature rich and so much more to praise!

When Dhan came, I was very excited. I had always demanded fixes that were fixed. I made multiple temporary accounts to demand fixes so that I could get attention as “new community” member by the moderators and that bug would be given attention.

I always got happy with the fixes and hoped Dhan will become totally glitch free with time.

As A full year has passed by me using Dhan, there are still some places where I am not completely satisfied. Maybe the problem is not being seen by the developers but there are problems which cause trouble for me or any other scalper.

Majority of the problems have been fixed even in the latest build. The new TV library update has some great critical changes including Price Scale retention which was needed from long.

Anyways, I hope these small issues will also get fine with time…

I hope that I never leave Dhan. I have some last hopes left…

@PravinJ @Naman @RahulDeshpande @Divyesh @Hardik

Whatever points have been written by @Diamond I 100 % agree with all the points if u guys are saying that this data you are getting from the exchanges and u don’t have the control on this so how other brokers are doing control over the exchange data and how they are showing the proper candle formation on the chart. (Fyers, Upstox)

They are using the same trading view platform that you guys are using I don’t want to leave Dhan due to these small issues hence I am taking continuous follow-up on this issue and also sending follow-up emails on the previously reported issues for you guys this might be the small one but for the traders like me who actually takes the decision in seconds during option trading this issue of improper candle formation is very serious and the frustrating one because if candles are opening gap-up or gap downs even if I don’t refresh the page and I am continuously available on the same page that will totally spoil the analysis that I have made for to trade that instrument.

and your team can’t say that like this that this issue is not on your end if your development team will look for a solution then u will definitely find some solution to fix this candle formation and if you are not showing proper candle formation on the how one technical analyst trader can take the decision for his/her trade this issue looks small but it’s very dangerous and serious for the traders.

@PravinJ have thought once that u are trading by looking at the charts and during live trading, u will face this issue how the frustrating situation is this first u need to refresh the page manually 2 to 3 times, and then proper candle formation would be reflected on the chart.

@PravinJ @Divyesh what is the update on the fixed range volume profile indicator issue which was reported earlier it has been almost 25 days but I have not heard back on that issue.


I totally Agree, It is indeed veery SERIOUS and FRUSTRATING.

Definitely, Makes the trader totally confused. That one candle is required to take the decision and that is a gap up 0r gap down like a FLAT LINE. That Moment is like WTF. So many minutes of waiting too watch the candle at that level and what we see - A HANGING LTP LINE!

I really don’t think anyone in the Dhan Office is a SCALPER otherwise they would have fixed this issue long back.

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It will be only fixed until they stop replying “We get our data from the exchange” and “Please refer: what happens behind the charts?”


Also, the margin for adani stocks was not 5x. Ik its offtopic but I couldn’t short them today. The order window didn’t show up on TradingView chart and by the time I hit refresh it cost me 10% of my capital (bnf options). I couldn’t trade on opening range breakdowns for UPL today. The traders control has a feature called max trades. There’s no notification/kill switch feature for that. I’m taking a break from the platform. Will switch back when these things are fixed

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@PravinJ @Naman @Hardik @Divyesh @RahulDeshpande

Hello All,

Good Morning,

I have not refreshed the chart yet but candles are opening the gap-up to see how frustrating is during the live market.

Before Refresh chart image.

After Refreshing the chart image. (Observe 09:23 candle of abcapital in 2m TF)

everyday face this issue isn’t it you need to think about the solution to this problem.?

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.


@PravinJ @Naman @Hardik @Divyesh @RahulDeshpande

In one more instance in the same script abcapital observes 09:35 candle has not refreshed this page when the candle is forming.

Refer actual candle formation of 09:35 after manual refresh the page.

this happens multiple times during live market hours.


Yes, I really don’t how traders are fine with these gaps? This won’t be solved until 100 traders report it here.

I guess that’s why 90% traders are losers in the market, they just don’t look at charts properly!

The 10% who make money want their charts to be perfect to judge the price action. The technical analysis and candles at crucial test zones is what gives them the edge.

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also margin calculator is buggy i reported it…
after price change to 8rs but still margin calculator is showing old and false value.

is it happening with only me or all are facing issue ?

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I really don’t think anyone is understanding the problem that we are facing. The only solution I have right now is to STOP tv.dhan for analysing. I love Dhan but I will not use it to analyse till this is fixed.

If this is the way charts are gonna be, Then Dhan is not built for SuperTraders.

Screen Recording 2023-02-03 at 1.00.48 PM

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@PravinJ @Naman @Hardik @Divyesh @RahulDeshpande

Seriously this is very frustrating I thought we got a quick fix on this issue but even people are not answering on this thread that is ongoing and even after submitting multiple proofs by multiple people. this has to be fixed otherwise no meaning to use the buggy charting platform I don’t understand how trading view and other brokers are getting accurate data and how they are plotting the accurate candles on the chart.?

At least u should clarify on this how other brokers are plotting the accurate candle formation.

Waiting for the response over here.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.


agree with you… we love dhan but majhburi me zerodha use karna padta he.

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Hi @mayuri1711 , @Diamond

Please be assured that all your concerns mentioned have been noted down and few have been personally communicated by the customer support team as well. We will inform you personally once we deploy the fix for it.

I would like to mention here again, the issues highlighted by you have already been noted down and being worked on, repeating the issues here in community won’t be of any help either of us. We request you to please feel free to reach out to us on 022-48906273 or Live Chat directly from the app.

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Thank you Rahul for acknowledging the issue!

I will be very very happy once this issue is fixed! I have been only repeating this on a regular basis because it’s been very long that I have been raising this but I realised that it can be fixed by the Dhan team instead of getting answers that were repeptive by the customer support team.

I look forward to the fixes on this and I will be happier to not raise this issue ever again!

Cheers and Peace :v:

Hey, thanks for acknowledging the issue and giving a reply on this. hope u will keep this on your radar and provide a follow-up on this once this has been fixed.

I admire that no platform is fully bug-free but the kind of issue that we are facing the improper candle formation (Which is the critical one) that directly deals with the customer hard earn money if he/she takes any decision by looking at the charts.

Hope will hear soon from you once this issue has been fixed.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.