Make watchlist one click add watchlist list like tradingview

In trading view we are add watchlist simply paste company name with “,”.

Ex:- like


Etc …

It very simple

Ya man this feature is awesome on TradingView… once click import watchlist and should be available on @admins

It’s not working i tried to add, but it’s not work, check this link

@admins someone please note this feedback

Somehow we missed this thread, not sure how @Aviksett. This functionality isn’t extended to our version of TradingView library.

We will try to make adding to WL simpler.

Hi Pravin, I think this issue is to do with how you guys define the scrips in your platform.
I can’t sort out the scrips in alphabetical order, kindly find the below image for your reference

I think that is because you are using NSEE**** code instead of the scrip name, but when I checked this feature in Fyers, the sorting works out in alphabetical order…

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Hi @Vignesh_N

Yes, the stocks are fetched as per their exchange code which you can see when you hover over a scrip name. Hence the sorting is done accordingly.

We already have this feedback to sort as per actual scrip name. We will check the possibilities and try to enhance this feature.