Margin not released

I am mostly trading in equity with my own funds. Even then, margin being held for trade. If I bought shares and sell the shares on the same day, even then my full funds are not released. Some being being held.

I furnish example: My I’d DAAA83678.
Today I bought shares and sold within 30 minutes. But my opening Balance not released. Some margin is being kept. Why?
I am enclosing the screenshot.

@PravinJ , Please clarify with the above details.
Thank you.


Please check and let us know, if you are still facing the issue. We have fixed and rectified the problem.

Sir, I am still facing the problem.
Screenshot enclosed.

@Naman , i still facing the same problem.

@Naman , Now rectified. Thanks
But, daily this problem arises. Please rectify permanently.
Thank you for kind help