Margin Requirement in Trading View Platform?

Hello, please include margin requirement in TV chart, it may be very helpful for trader, and much needed feature for any traders or brokers?


Hi @skb

Feedback noted. We use TradingView native order placement experience on and there are limitations in the order window entry screen for us to include. We are trying to find out alternatives for this.

Btw, on Baskets on TradingView we have solved this and you see full Dhan experience on that implementation. More over here: Introducing: Basket Orders on TradingView, with real-time Margins

i stand with u. this is a must feature, this is must most basic feature that has been robbed from our user experience.

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This is because of the limitations in native tradingview order placement experience.

better we have slight positive changes then bad native experience. Missing this feature a lot… i mean literally a lot… more important then other updates…

They have added bunch of stuffs like on right click u can summon option chain and there are some buttons like basket order and other which means they can add more stuff. But for some reason dhan is adamant to not add margin require feature.
I am literally only doing my analysis on dhan and hoping they would add margin calculator feature so that i can shift here for trading.