Market Depth in TradingView Charts

Any possibility of introducing market depth in TradingView charts? It is painful to switch to a different tab every time just to check market depth.

There already is DOM available on, most users use this along with instant orders.

DOM is useful for instant order placements or to check nearby order quantities. But, it is not market depth, the actual market depth is different from DOM. Just like we can check market depth on web, is it not possible to check it while using tv charts?

Hi @jay

We have introduced market depth on TradingView console ( You can read more about the enhancements made to our platform here: Live Data & Analytics on TradingView Console (

Hope this helps.


I would request you to if possible give users the liberty to resize and window according to their requirements and the best will be if we can detach the window and can move out from the terminal. this will be great

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