Market Depth Need to change with the Script

Market Depth needs to change with the change in the Script in the tv.dhan, at present this does not happen, we have to manual select it everytime we change the script, all so if possible to have a shortcut key for a the same for faster view of it.

Welcome to Dhan community @pnp. Market Depth is generated by us, not included by default in TradingView library. To make it seamless, turn on the DOM (Depth of Market) on the side menu on extreme right side of the screen. This changes with every script and also lets you put orders directly from there.

Thanks for the reply, However the DOM does help but it take a lot of screen space more over it only shows the recent 5 bid and Ask price the total of it and not the total qty of the bid and ask price as it shows in the Market Depth.
Once again I request you to update so that it changes as per the scprit as it does in the Fyers TV,
if Fyers can do it I am sure you people can very well do it.