Market feed API

  1. I am planning to get access to Dhan API by paying 499, but it says that market feed data is not available. When is it expected to be available?

  2. Are we expecting GTT order API?

  3. Historical data at say 1 minute would be available?

  4. Website says that for API to be free, it needs 25 F&O trades. Is there any such provision for the cash market as well?

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Hello @sv28

It’s great to hear that you are planning to start using Dhan APIs. Answering your questions below:

  1. Market Feed Data APIs are a work in progress. I have detailed out our approach here: Live Market Feed API - #2 by Hardik.

  2. We are evaluating adding special order APIs. This might include Forever Orders (GTT) as well.

  3. Intraday Historical Data is currently available, however it is only for current day.

  4. DhanHQ Trading APIs are absolutely free. Only Data APIs are exclusive which can be accessed either by paying 499 rupees or executing 25 F&O trades in the last 30 days. We added our pricing approach here - DhanHQ Superfast APIs Update: Trading APIs are now FREE for all

  1. Do we have any ETA for this? My algorithm is WIP and we’ll be deploying this in early December; we’ll need to make a decision to use Dhan or Zerodha based on it
  2. Any ETA for this as well?
  3. Got it.
  4. I’ve attached the screenshot which mentions that data APIs have a price of 499. Is this correct or am I missing something?

  1. As explained on another post, we are building our Live Market Feed API keeping trade and tech geeks in mind and will be rigorously testing the same before releasing it. Hence, cannot commit on the timeline yet.

  2. Have noted the requirement, however, cannot commit any ETA.

  3. Yes, it is correct. As displayed, you haven’t placed 25 F&O orders in the last 30 days, hence the pricing will apply.

Hope this answers your queries!

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As dhan is going to integrate with Quantower , will we be charged for api connection from dhan?

Hello @HIR

We will communicate you as and when any such integration is live along with details of the same.

so dhan trading APIs are free but dhan could charge for market data feed APIs? am I right in understanding this?

It should be free for supertraders when they Go Live!

@Gangavarapu who is the super trader according to dhan?

Me :grinning:

@Gangavarapu @Hardik @PravinJ
what if I take 15 mcx trades this month,40 trades next month and 20 trades in 3rd month? so I am not a super trader :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hello @HIR

As always, we focus on our user’s requirements and product first. There is no such pricing model that we have in mind right now.
Even now, DhanHQ trading APIs are absolutely free. For Data APIs, the pricing is minimal and waived off for super traders.

Why is data API not free for super traders in the cash segment and only for F&O super traders? @Hardik

Hello @sv28

As you may know, we have zero brokerage on Equity delivery and minimal charges for Equity Intraday trades. Hence, it is possible for anyone to exploit our Data APIs by making the required amount of trades in cash segment in a single day itself. To avoid this scenario, and extend our APIs to serious traders only, we have kept this condition of 25 F&O trades.

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Very Logical indeed!

Will it take mor than a 1 month or 3 months or less than a month for you to bring Marketfeed.
We want to build Algos Here on dhan.
We are unsure regarding availability.
Pls confirm even in the most discrete way if you can!

@Hardik @PravinJ
I would request you to make super trader conditions like
“25 f&o trades in 30 days or 75 f&o trades in 90 days”
it will be good for me :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Hello @HIR

Noted. It would be helpful if you can explain the need for such an arrangement for us to understand your requirement better.

for this reason, I asked for a 3mnts trades calculation

Hello @HIR @sv28 @stanly_thomas

We just opened a thread seeking suggestions for Market Feed API. We would love to have your suggestions there - Coming Soon: Market Feed Data API from Dhan, Seeking Suggestions from Dhan Community