Missing Volume Bars Of Indexes on dhan tradingview platform

Hello Dhan Team,

I have noticed that on your dhan tradingview charting platform you are not displaying the volume on the index charts like nifty, bank nifty and finnifty whereas on the original tradingview platform they are displaying the volume on index charts as well so can u please also display the volumes on the index charts on the dhan tradingview platform it helps a lot to analyze the volume on the index chart and charting platform is only tradingview so why your are not displaying and orginal tradingview platform is displaying.?

Dhan Tradingview chart on Bank Nifty

Trading view original chart of bank nifty

@Naman Hey can u please reply on this.?

Hi @mayuri1711

Index in itself is not a tradable instrument, so in reality there is no volume available for indices. TradingView shows volume summation of its individual constituents without any weightage.

We show all the prices, volume and OI as it is recieved from the exchange. We do not recieve any volume from exchange for indices.

But we have your feedback, we will figure out something on similar lines. By the way, you can track volume on futures chart at dhan and we have continuous chart so it may suffice your needs.

Hope this helps!

The problem with the future chart is that fut price and the spot price is different and even for the original trading view platform index is not a tradable instrument but even they are showing up the volume bars on the index chart as well.

TradingView recently started this. Let’s give them some time, trust me sooner or later all brokers will start providing volumes on Index, they will have to do this.

Hey, I am not sure if we could be comfortable showing data on volumes as a derived data from constituents. Nifty is not a tradable instrument, brokers cant show trading data if its not received from exchanges - I can still check with compliance, but unlikely they would permit.

@PravinJ hey pravin i am not sure why you are denied to display volume bars on the index chart if it’s a compliance issue than tradingview platform is also have the same issue why they are displaying and you are using the tradingview charting platform only so what is the issue to display volume bars on the index instruments.?

Calm down @mayuri1711, in stock broking there are thousands of things to take care of while serving the customers.

Also Naman has said this,

Let’s give them some time.

This forum is for conversations and feedbacks. Don’t be bossy on them. Dhan team is doing what no other broker is doing. Let’s support them with polite feedbacks.

hey @mayuri1711, TradingView is not a regulated platform and we are as a Stock Broker are. Every integration or trading system we build has to be certified by exchanges, in our case including the TradingView integrations that we have done.

We subscribe for trade data from exchanges, if it comes via exchanges we will definitely show.