Mobile App {Android} Logs out in Split Screen Resizing


I prefer to use split screen mode whenever I trade while travelling. Today, I tried it with Dhan app but it keeps logging out whenever I resize the window in other split tab.

Is it a particular case with my mobile or its happening with others too? Can you please check? Cant use split screen at all right now.

Try restarting and trying again. Happened with me.

hi @ayaan

Didnt understand this one, can you email a video to

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Hi! @PravinJ @Dhan_Help

Here’s a quick screen grab of the exact problem.

Just resizing the split window makes the app logout.


I am not sure of it’s a problem with my phone or its on every Android model/make/version.

Hi @ayaan

Honestly, I have seen this for first time. I will check if our app is designed for this use-case…

Btw, you can easily do this with Instant Orders without splitting the screen: Introducing Instant Orders + Trade Directly from TradingView Charts


Yes, because the full library is mobile web enabled - works well on small screens, like mobile or tablets.