Mobile app for tv dhan

Can we have mobile app of
As web app is similar to tradingview web, a similar replacement to tradingview mobile will be helpful. As now tradingview offers only 30 stocks in a watchlist it makes business sense also for mobile application.
Current dhan app, I feel is not user friendly to browse charts of watchlist stocks.

Hi @NitinVerma We have the same features of on mobile apps, on both the apps infact.

Also is super responsive for mobile web, you can use the same via a chrome browser. Additionally Dhan is enabled on TradingView Apps - Android & iOS.

@PravinJ if we are logging on trading view app with dhan account the access is limited Like no multiple window, only 3 indicators and so on…
Some users use tradingview on Android tablets or phones so it becomes easy for us to tade on TV App if provided with all the features.
Hope this feature will be considered…