Monday morning error on tv.dhan/web.dhan

Took trade around 9:25am, and trying to exit 3min, but from both the tv.dhan and web.dhan unable to exit the order, can you guys explain why this is happen today. thankfully order size is very less and trade not went against me, otherwise my whole capital might wipe-out today.

Please make sure this should not happen again, we really like the feature you guys providing, should work consistently perfect while trading, because trader like me who mostly do scalping and not keeping trade more than 5 min. would be default to trust the tool then…

Now tell me the tv.dhan is working perfectly or we have trading holiday today …?

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and unable to connect over call, please make sure you guys at-least providing immediate solution on call during this kind off conflict user faces…


Hi @sachin8516 ,

We saw an unusual high amount of trades today, and we are ramping up things on our side to support this. We are scaling our tech and infra to support our growth. As usual we want to ensure we give the best possible trading and investing experience to our users. Apologies for the inconvenience, we are actively working to scale up.

Any timelines to scale up ? Till then should the users be ready for nasty surprises ?

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yes today Morning also , i had problem in executing orders… hurt financially too… tried everything… Mobile web , Tv.dhan , Option trader app but Nothing worked at that time for 3 to 5 minutes… in between tried to call multiple times in customer care but No answer there at that time.

Such order execution bugs & lagging really hit your traders & beloved fans of Dhan. plz take care & Do all the necessary as soon as possible. :pray: