Mutual Funds Investment through Dhan App?

Any further update on this. And, if this would be for MF transfer from other brokers also? Please let us know

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Hi @Skc, Yes - that is in consideration as well. Good to see you back on community.

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Do we get it by July end :slightly_smiling_face:

Planning to do some ELSS investing through DHAN

Watch out for this space :soon::innocent:

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what is the expected timeline for this feature ?

Welcome to the Dhan Community :slight_smile:

Mutual Funds development is in the final stages. We will be going live soon.

Will personally reach out to you once we plan on going live.

Can I get a invite too

We havent started any invite. Keep a tab on the community regarding the announcement, all the communications regarding MFs will be communicated here first :slight_smile:

We are equally excited to bring you what we have been working on.

Does this mean that MF launch will be delayed further ?

Any update @Dhan. I have opened Dhan account assuming I can pledge mf account and do trading using that for collateral margins.

Hi @srinandasb

Welcome to the Dhan community.

We assure you that mutual funds will be made available in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, you can pledge the stocks and get the collateral margin.


Excited about Mutual Fund in Dhan.
How Dhan will keep the Mutual Funds data in SOA format or in Demat format? @Divyesh

Hi @rex22 We will be offering Mutual Funds in SOA format. Want to avoid charges for customers about DP buy and sell, AMC, etc.

Also good to see you back on community after a while.

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Thanks @PravinJ , eagerly waiting for the MF addition. Almost all my MF is in diffrent AMCs and in SOA format. I am transacting through AMCs, KFin, cams, mfcentral, now was planning to shift to Kuvera.

Now that you said Dhan MF platform will be in SOA format, does it mean that I can now transact/monitor through single dhan platform for all my mutual fund(even past transactions) in SOA format like Kuvera or Mfcentral?

If Dhan gives a single window to transact and monitor for all my past mf transactions in SOA, that will be gamechanger.

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Dear Dhan Team,

Request you to please update on Launching MF??

Hi @dvpandya90 It’s work in progress, almost nearly complete. Before we bring MF to Dhan, we are making sure our platforms are scaled up to serve our existing users well. MF will come shortly.

Thank you for your response.

Sorry to say but since last one year, standard response that soon…… shortly……
Many traders are waiting for MF on Dhan Platform now their patience is nearly to ends and move to other platforms.

Hope, before that you will manage to launch.

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i am about to close my dhan account and move back to angel one or zerodha since they have already developed systems, i was asking for update since last one year on twitter, email and community but got only cold reply SOON,SHORTLY nothing else.this is the reason i have not moved everything to this broker.

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Hi @dvpandya90 @chaitanyakulkarni

Mutual funds development is in the final stages. we will be going live soon.

Thanks for the update, but sorry this is only reply We are getting on community.
i have already moved my asset back to my old broker or stopped investing through dhan, and i believe i am not alone.
its upto you how you handle your customers.