Natura Gas Mini Futures on MCX

Greetings Traders!

Starting from March 14, 2023, MCX will introduce Natural Gas Mini Futures contracts for trading on the exchange. These contracts will have a size of 250 MMBtu and a fixed base/quotation price of 1 MMBtu. The tick size will be Rs. 0.1 per MMBtu (or Tick value = Rs. 25). Initially, contracts with April and May expiries will be available for trading, and subsequently, contracts with 3 months expiry for the following months will become available on the exchange. Please note that the position limit for the Natural Gas Mini will be based on the combined open positions of ALL the types of Natural Gas futures contracts offered for trading. These contracts will be settled in cash on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

To obtain further details, please refer to the circular and contract specifications provided here.