Need Market Protection % feature for market orders

If market protection features is included for market orders, it would help a lot of traders in avoiding the execution of the abnormal prices.

Hi @svineels I am guessing you are referring to freak trades that used to happen earlier. Dhan, at order levels applies Market Price Protection (MPP) when they are sent to exchanges and in addition to this, NSE has applied LPP to all orders in Oct 2022; more on that is here :

Hi @PravinJ .
Thanks for the reply.
Yes I am referring to the freak trades.
Finvasia provides a feature where we can manually set a percentage of mark protection % at the time of order placement, be it 1% or anything like that.
Apart from the RM team applying MPP, I feel it’s even better to provide an additional option to the user. Attaching the SS below.

Hi @svineels we have considered this, but dropped eventually. Any personalisation that is made on order management systems takes a toll on the time taken to complete risk-validation of that order and then sending it eventually to the exchange. This may be in milli-seconds, but it matters for faster execution. Best to user limit orders in such scenarios.

Understood. Thanks for the explanation @PravinJ .