Need the access of the options trader web platform

Hello All,

My registered email id over dhan is i am doing only in the options trading and hence I have open an account with dhan but even after raising multiple requests to get an access for the options trader web platform my request are not getting fulfilled and to use the custom option build strategy I have openup an account with u if u are not allowing me the access than how should I analyze and place the trade using your platform if u guys are not in a mood to give me the access than please go ahead and closed this account i am not interested to continue with dhan.

Hi @mayuri1711 Welcome to Dhan community. Options Trader on web is now in beta mode and open to select users from whom we are collecting feedback. It will be available for all users by end of this month. You will get access for it from then. Thank you.

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Hello Pravin,

if u will allow me a early access as well it will be a great for me even i can contribute dhan with my feedback hope u will understand without option strategy builder it will not give me the confidence to punch an order into options trading.

Hello Pravin,

Can u please tell me when the options trader web portal will be live for all users actually i am facing very difficulties without options strategy builder to place an order for options instrument.

One feature is missing under this options trader web portal if u can allow to save the deployed strategy than it should be very helpful for the people to backtest multiple options strategy like a paper trading.

Thanks for your feedback @mayuri1711. We have noted this for future versions.