New and urgent featureson dhan web

Hi @Dhan, @PravinJ,

  1. it’s been more than 1 year since you had taken feedback to introduce a sticky order window on the web platform also but no update regarding it till now.

  2. Is there any plan to introduce a virtual contract note feature like Zerodha which provides charges details on real-time basis for all the trades taken on time to time basis?

  3. There is no option for iceberg orders in the order window on charts and also no default order type option in tv charts resulting in the change of order type, trading/normal every time.

  4. Also you need to introduce possible traders controls on web platform also.

  5. Also kindly introduce a scroll-down option on the transaction estimator screen where it is not possible to view the entire charges unless we zoom in on the screen on the laptop.

Every feedback is being taken each time but I feel that your whole concentration is on building strategy builder only. I request you to consider all the above points and request you to implement them as soon as possible. For any clarity, you can contact me on my registered mobile number with dhan. MY UCC is EFQV69593P.

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Hi @sri1647 , let me answer these below

  1. Sticky Order Window has been launched way back on web. In case you missed it, tap on Money on the headers you will notice this under the Trader Controls - 2nd menu on left side. This is already used by many active traders and scalpers on Dhan.

  2. While we do not want to offer features just because our competitors do… I did end up seeing this one and feel it is very very inspired by Dhan’s own Transactions Estimator. We show this prior taking traders, it shows after taking trade. Don’t see this as an priority now, if things change will update. We prefer building features based on our users’s feedback, suggestions and usage of products.

  3. This is an limitation of the TradingView library for order placement. Hence alternatively we have provided Dhan’s own Order Menu here, just tap Buy or Sell on the top menu of

  4. This is work in progress, slowly we will do this.

  5. Will check this.

for point no - 3 , i want to say something. the main problem or confusion arise just because, if we have selected Delivery/Normal order type in tv’s default layout settings , tv’s default dom or order window gives Proper order type like Delivery/Normal :white_check_mark: . but whenever we select Buy or Sell from TOP menu (which gives Dhan’s order window) it by default selected to Trading/Intraday. :x: instead of default settings we already set, which is wrong way… Here is the main problem or confusion that arise

problem is that particular whenever we are in hurry… we everytime need to focus first which order type is selected everytime we click Buy sell…

so here the solution should be like in the Top bar Menu, Dhan’s Buy sell button should by default fatch the default order type from Layout’s default layout settings (default product)
so everytime it stays in sync. & No confusion arises ! Can’t it be possible ? @PravinJ

if u want to try… just select your priority for overnight order type product in default settings & check in tv’s order pannel as well as Dhan’s order panel from Top menu. you will also feel to update these settings at earliest.

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Hi @Dhan, @PravinJ,

  1. Transactions estimator shows only the charges and some other additional features for a particular trade only, also it became mandatory by exchanges. But the virtual contract note shows the total charges for all the trades undertaken at any point of time. So, both show different purposes. Virtual contract note helps us to estimate the net profit even during trading hrs on real time basis whereas transaction estimator doesn’t help for that.

  2. Even the order window on the top menu of doesn’t have default order type option, we need to change the product type and order type for every order. Even the top meny bar doesn’t have iceberg option.

  3. Kindly check on point.5 asap.