New charting with 5 tabs is useless and annoying

Why dhan give an useless update and trying to irritate us. completely revamped charting experience, now with the ability to open up to 5 charting tabs simultaneously, this is useless because charting size reduced too much . Previous version is great please remove this update.

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I find it very useful for me. Awesome work. Loved it. If got it in landscape mode as well that will be fantastic​:metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:


It is very useful and awesome

A trader should always use laptop or computer to experience the full charting. Secondly choosing of words is very much important if having an issue try to explain nicely without using any negative words. Dhan is doing fantastic job as compare to other XYZ brokers. Dhan has always listened and fulfilled the needs of traders.

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Thanks for the kind words @nx.vijay @Shivasekaran @Pradhan. Also feedback noted @sudamaprasad054

This build of charts is released in batches to users, we will review feedback on usage over a period of time. It’s not just multi-chart functionality, there are lot of more enhancements we have added on this built. We will post an detailed announcement on these soon, hope you discover them before :slight_smile:


I mean it @PravinJ sir ! Till now no broker has done so much things for a trader. No broker has ever listened what a trader wants. But dhan listened to each and every traders. I am really happy with dhan :heart:

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