New Feature Announcement: Manage Your Open Positions

Hi @Rajiv - took some time to respond to this, but wanted to make sure we have a solution before I comment.

We have added option to add a Stop Loss on every open position you take on Dhan now. Simply tap on the Open Position and if the order is a naked position, we will prompt you to add a Stop Loss. This is now available to all users, we will observe usage and behaviour and announce this soon.

Thank you for valid feedback, helps us build Dhan to match our user’s expectations.

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That’s great news, @PravinJ . Let me try this out.

Well, The position at Dhan shows I am having good MTM profit, but reality is due to erroneous Average price on part of Dhan,

My selling price is 403.05 and hence I am having MTM loss, but if I don’t keep track of my prices separately outside Dhan I would have already booked out assuming I am in profit.

Thanks for highlighting. We have resolved it. Can you please check and confirm ?

It’s resolved. But why are these issues cropping up?

What’s the update on my request, @shraddha ?

It’s been almost two months now, where are we on the request that I had raised, @PravinJ ?

We are building this one @nity. Also incorporating your feedback to make margins more simplified and provide full break-up of this.

Thanks Pravin for building this. Do you have any tentative release date for this?

Hi @nity We want to ship this in the first release for Jan actually. Want to make sure we test this perfectly, in case we miss it then on the next release after that.

Let me know If I can be of any help in testing this in a test environment.

Hi @nity
Regarding your point no 2, we have updated Basket Order and it is available for all segments, including Futures & Options. Also there is a view of combined adjusted margin. Please check it out here.

@nity is very fast, he has also shared feedback with me on basket orders. thankful to you.

Few Observations -

  1. Default selection should be basis user’s last selection. Currently it is Intraday Order.
  2. The order of execution should be as per user selection of scrips. I experienced reverse execution which caused a failure in execution of one leg.
  3. Export of Basket from one account and Import into another account is required.

Rest looks Good. Thanks Team Dhan for getting this.

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Point 4 (Grouping positions) in my request raised in September 2021 is finally been developed and made available to the Dhan Users. Great achievement finally.

@Naman @PravinJ @shraddha @RahulDeshpande


We are coming up with more features that have been incorporated by user’s suggestions. Stay tuned in!

Happy Trading :smiley:

Hi @Rajiv ,

Happy to inform you that Forever Orders (with OCO) on Sell Side for F&O is now LIVE!

Looking forward to your feedback on it.

Hi, @PravinJ @shraddha I have been trading in Dhan for some time now, and I have a request kindly provide an alert feature to create alerts on the P&L of the existing positions.

Hi @Sivabalan Yes, you can enable that with Trader Control’s - more on that here: Now Live: Now Trade Better on Dhan with Trader's Controls

We have this on app right now, planning to bring this on web sometime in future.

I’m not impressed with Forever order. Forever order should be place an order and forget.

Let me explain in deatails.

We should allow to place single forever order with all the option like Trigger price, Buying price, stop loss and finally target.

When this feature came, belive me it’s very helpful for Traders.

Every trader will chear up and like this awesome.

I am waiting, Dhan product team will think at once.

Currently Upstock is providing such feature.