New Features on Options Trader on Web with Strategy Builder!

Hey Super Traders on Dhan :star2::sunglasses:

Hope the first Expiry Trading Day of 2023 was fun and green. While you get ready to get some rest tonight, we did a few little things for you.

On Options Web - we have included the following things for you on Custom Strategy Builder

a. Overlays of Open Interest
b. Change in OI
c. Strategy Charts
d. Multi-Strike OI Charts
e. Watchlist for Option Traders
f. Real-time and Auto-refresh Strategy Builder
g. Builder for Intraday & Positional Strategies
h. Fast Create from 16+ pre-set Strategies
i. Adjust IV on your Strategies
j. Strategy Snaps, capture upto 6 snaps of your strategies to help you adjust them quick.

We have given access to Options Web with Strategy Builder for select users in beta mode. And we will open it up for more users soon, watch out.

If you have not registered for access, you can do so from here: Options Trader Web: Option Trading Platform for India | Dhan

Good Night from the team at Dhan :slight_smile:


Giving good competition to Sensibull … i appreciate your team honest and innovative efforts to help retail traders. Thank you and happy to be part of Dhan.


To be transparent, we are building Dhan based on what our users ask for. Almost > 75% of our roadmap is directly based on product usage, feedback, suggestions and likes. Rest are our bets to start platforms , features & offerings.

We are friends with almost everyone in the investing / trading ecosystem, if not already friends - then we will be :slight_smile:


Snaps feature is remarkable!!! I never thought of it this way!!! immediate use case in my mind is to keep 1 snap ready for quick close certain positions and another 2-3 snaps ready for immediate adjustments based on which adjustments will work best… its amazing! thank you for this


Yes, exactly what we are building for.

small feedback on navigation and payoff layout:

  1. instead of drop-down menu for OI and OI change overlay on payoff, can you pls make it as selectable buttons which will be consistent behaviour as to how most buttons are on Dhan including the options to switch b/w payoff/strategy chart etc., something like this

  2. can you pls align the OI related overlays with 0 line of payoff? currently it is at bottom of payoff and worse in case there is negative OI change, in that case it just hangs in the air like this

it can be rendered as this, where baseline for OI is always the 0 line of payoff -


Is there possibility of getting option chain in table format rather than having it entirely in row format. You have already done this in the strategy builder but in normal view also if this option could be there it can really help and also change in OI in table format in normal view as an option to see. Thanks

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Can you please allow us to manually enter the target price.

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Sir most of the the traders are the on Zerodha because of the position analyzer in the basket. please integrate this strategy analyzer in to the basket asap.


ह्या PAY OFF STIMULATION मध्ये PROBABILITY OF PROFIT दाखवत नाहीये. (11 जानेवारीला बनवून पहिलं होतं.)

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Hi @nnJhavarePatil Left side is FINNIFTY, expires on Tuesday and right side is NIFTY50.

PoP isn’t enabled yet. we will be working on this.

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माझी चूक झाली, मीच घाई गडबडीत नीट नाही पहिलं. :pray: :disappointed:

Thats ok, it happens. Enjoy your trading.

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Please give IV chart historical Iv like sensibull.

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What is the strategy snaps features. I can’t get it. How to use that? What is the use case. Can someone explain? @PravinJ

It is available below the pay-off graph. It is to save your strategies while you adjust them. You can retrieve back the earlier snap if you have taken it.

Our team is planning to keep a live walk-through of the Strategy Builder soon.

Thank you Pravin. Seems very exciting. Will try.
Can I ask if your original Dhan portal can be more friendly for quick scalping? i.e … once the order is placed, and if they are in large quantities - the order status keeps rolling up and filling up the screen for a while and locks us from any other operation. Both on the Dhan page as well as on Trading view charts. On the chart, you can’t even see the candle movement as the entire screen is filled up and until all the orders are through, you are really in blind. Same happens on the Dhan page as well. And while it happens, no other operation is possible. Can i suggest if the order status can be shown in a much smaller area at bottom left or right and it keeps rolling there, then you can atleast render operation on your pages. We can then atleast view how much of the quantities are going through and the actual movement of the underlying on the chart. I am not sure whether it is possible, but will be really useful if it can be done. Another thing noticing are slippages recently are becoming quite significant. Not sure whether it is computing resource constraint at your end with growing user base or your feeds into Exchanges or something else. At times, the system freeze for a few sec and you are trading completely blind. Especially on expiry days. I hope you are putting in all the right infrastructures and measures to handle the scale up.

PoP कधिपर्यंत enable होईल?

Primaries features needed here:

  1. Login should be by QR or by PIN (Most needed)
  2. Dark Mode is awaited.
  3. Get the third-party platform like Sensibull and Opstra features into this, even if means a reasonable charge for the Dhan users. Advanced tools like Sensibull need to be incorporated in Dhan Options for in-depth clarity.
  4. Bring in paper trading integration too, so as to get the feel of derivatives trading for novice users.
  5. Graphical representation on each Index will be welcome to see prima facie if the market or index ( Nifty50, Bank Nifty, Finnifty) has bounced back.
  6. Give knowledge about all the 14 in-built strategies in a descriptive manner along with the pay-out chart to understand the significance of each strategy deployment for the ones who are new to derivatives and can learn, analyse and apply the strategies in virtual trading leading to actual trading confidence.

Thank You Dhan Team.

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१) ADD TO BASKET वर क्लिक केल्यावर आधीपासूनच बनवून ठेवलेल्या बास्केटमध्ये ADD करता येत नाही. नव्याने बास्केट बनवावीच लागते.
२) बास्केटमध्ये ADD केल्यावर चुकीच्या स्ट्राइक प्राइज आणि प्राइज दिसत आहेत.
३) Overall Margin, Final Margin, Hedge Benefit, Net Premium ह्या गोष्टी दिसतच नाहीत.

१) लेग्ज ADD करताना लाईव्ह प्राइज ऑटोमॅटिक घेत नाही, लाईव्ह प्राइज टाईप करावी लागते.
२) Prob. of Profit %, Max. Profit %, Max. Loss %, Total PNL, Net Credit ह्या महत्वाच्या गोष्टी दिसत नाहीत, कृपया हे लवकरात लवकर उपलब्ध करून द्या.

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