New OMS Review. Lightning Fast

Today, I placed a FUT order on Dhan and what I immediately noticed was that the order on Dhan was executed 3x faster than what it used to be last week.

Later on I came to Dhan Community only to check that they have upgraded their OMS.

Excellent work Team Dhan. Soon you’ll be the Apple of financial services.


Thanks for the kind words @GalaticX, we are also making further more changes to our order processing capabilities and intention now is to optimise even further, and also move large orders to dedicated OMS server instances.

In few more days, you will also notice that price updates (LTP, market depth and charts will also be visibly much more faster than ever before). We continue to invest, and stay lightning fast even as we scale up.


Dhan is everything I want from a brokerage. Good team + Good tech = Good money.

Keep up the good work PJ. My only long-pending request is to make the web watchlist a bit better on Dhan web.


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Yes, please email you suggestions to us on or share them here. Thank you.