New suggestions and feedback for dhan

Under movers section, instead of just 52 week high, can you introduce a setting which allows us to see stocks that have not hit their 52 week high but are nearning it, like stocks under 5-10% of 52 week high, this will help us traders to monitor the stocks as when the stocks are tagged under 52 week the breakout has already happened and now its late,
Or maybe you can bring this same thing under market scanners too.

Trust me this will really help traders.

Also can you bring alerts or scanners for significant developments or events in stocks?
For example a huge spike/jump/growth in earnings,

Becuase usually stocks who suddenly report good earnings dramatically rise, so if we are being instantly notified when this happens we can quickly jump into the stock to trade it.

Please also fix the “Fundamentals” section, as I’ve already told you in previous posts (i think you are not taking notes of the feedback provided).
I would like to see description of what the company does or is involved in. Also zerodha highlights a stock in the watchlist if there would be or if there is an event in the company, this helps us to make informed decision.

Also when are you going to work on the alert feature and allow us to name the alerts or write a little note? And when is sell side forever order coming? Lack of these two things makes this platform unfavorable for swing traders like me.

(Also will it be possible for you to allow market price execution if the forever order is triggered? Zerodha doesnt allow market order for gtt but only allows limit order)

Dhan also doesnt allow us to tag trades so that we can journal them and it doesn’t allow us to see the stats or performace of these tagged trades separately.

Also i would like to see few more stats like avergae gain, average loss or winning trades % if dhan would calculate that automatically then that would be a huge help


Thanks @Yash0301 for the detailed post, we have most of your feedback and will explore the things we can build from here.

Few things that we are not evaluating for a foreseeable future is recommendations or suggestions based on sudden good earnings, we aim to be an execution based platform only but do not want to get ahead with any advice that is directly or indirectly linked to company fundamentals. Also many instances where companies declare other incomes, etc. Also I feel there are many tools who help users find companies based on fundamentals as a core business.

Features that we are working on at this moment are mentioned here: Upcoming Features on Dhan: June & July 2022

Beyond this we are focussing a lot on continuing improving performance & experience of all platforms of Dhan - main app, Options Trader app, Web, and our APIs. Most updates will be announced on our community platforms.

Understood,currently waiting for sell side forever orders so that i can once again start using dhan, hopefully itll come soon