New watchlist maker feature needed

Give a new feature to add 500+ stocks in the watchlist in one click. At present we need to add one stock at a time to be included in the watchlist. It’s really time consuming to add so many stocks in tradingview/dhan watchlist. So provide import watchlist / upload CSV(excel) file format to upload in your portal to make it easier.

Have responded to your comment here as well.

Thank you for reply.

Sir at least allow us to add multiple stocks in watchlist on " " by inserting comma(,).
For example I wish to add 1) RIL 2)Adanient 3)UPL in my watchlist. Then simply typing in the stock search bar RIL,ADANIENT,UPL & hit enter buton will add all 3 stocks in one go to watchlist. Currrently its really time consuming to add stocks in watchlist on " ".
( Every time we need to click + icon & add one by one stocks).
Pls allow multiple stock addition to watchlist IN ONE CLICK.

Regarding second feature of price alerts Pls make it available We are asking this feature from last 8+ months. Only you are noting this feature but implementation is still not done. Without “NOTEs” section in price alerts the alert feature is not useful.
i have already spoken this requirement with Mr. Arun sir (GTF Jaipur Trading community). The have also forwarded this feature requirement to your team. Pls work on it ASAP.

@PravinJ i too agree , Notes field in Price alert tool is very much in need. so we remember for different stocks for why & for what purpose & at what level we set an alert & what to do next from here !

Pls forward your suggestion to them.

one more feature needed,

The charts on trading view have no option to set default visibility of drawings on different time frames. For example, My drawings shud be visible from higher time frame to lower time frame. If i have marked support line on monthly chart it must be visible on all lower time frame (Week/day/intraday) & not vise versa. As of now drawing are available on all time frames irrespective of where you draw it. If u draw something on daily chart the same is also visible on monthly chart etc. So give us the customisable option to decide the flow of visibility of drawing from to lower time frame etc.

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Import feature is available in TV default. Can it be requested from TV to be integrated in tv.dhan?

This isn’t possible at this time. it is not extended to the hosted tradingview library we use.