Newspaper Business in India: It's bigger than you imagine 🤯

The newspaper industry in India has a long and rich history dating back to the early 18th century when the first newspaper in the country was published. We are one of the largest newspaper reading country in the world with over 100,000 registered publications. The industry has experienced a compound annual growth rate of 5.3% between 2015 and 2020, with the country’s rapidly expanding middle class driving demand for high-quality news and information.

During our research we came across some really interesting data points, and here’s the analysis of the whole newspaper business in India.

Let’s dive in :point_down:

Interesting right?! In our conversations till now, We have received mixed reactions from the investors and traders regarding whether people they read newspapers or not.

Eager to know your opinion on this, and also how often do you read newspapers and does it influences your investing or trading strategies? :thinking:


I don’t read the print edition. But I do read news online. It would be fair to assume that the news reaches late to the retail relative to big money players. Therefore News doesn’t have any impact on how I trade or invest.

Being aware of any upcoming event or news or current affairs is must, as you can expect the volatility and can keep the bet size accordingly. Trading is all about not to loose more than your capacity in a very short time.

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Just took a yearly subscription of BUSINESS LINE print edition to get into the business thinking mode :slightly_smiling_face:


Valid point, what are you preferred online news portal channels ?

Have met few investors and traders whose daily routine is skimming through newspaper every morning for an hour. This is on top of the online content consumption

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Awesome, have you always opted for Business line or it’s a recent shift ?

Ya Rahul, recent shift. I always used to skim through ET or FT .
Main intention is to acquire some international news affecting INDIA on commodity, Dollar etc.

@pavz ,

There are some Google extensions which can get you article without subscription!

Hope you’re already using them.

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Oh is it. could you DM me pls Amit !
Would love to explore.

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Just moneycontrol for market related news. I do dig out more via google search if there is something more targeted about which I want to know. But none of these affects my trading as am mostly a systematic auto trader.

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Does the system decide the qty or is it fixed by the system owner?

Fixed by system owner only which is by the way me only.