No chart data on tradingview chart

Yes it has been fixed

Hey @dstelangre @BlackSteel

We just pushed a new update to TradingView library of Dhan ( This makes things more better and faster than before, and some of the reported lags on chart load times for higher time frames have been optimised for speed.

For continuous improvements, we are practically shipping new updates to our Dhan + TradingView interface every week - and of course this happens after trading hours so that we don’t disturb your experience during the day. Many times, we will update the core trading libraries and updating our custom implementations.

We had posted this long time back, reposting her again:

You shouldn’t worry about all of this updates, but we do. As a suggestion from our team, we request that everyday before you begin your trades on Dhan’s TradingView console (, please do a hard refresh on your browser (F5 on Windows and Cmd+R on Mac OS). This will ensure redundant cache if any is cleared and you are continuing to enjoy the latest updates on charts.

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