No Notifications on iPhone. On Android it's Working Fine

Hello Team,
There are no Notification on iPhone. It’s working completely fine on Android though.
Actions Taken So Far are:

  1. Enabled Notifications from App Settings
  2. Enabled Notifications from Phone Settings
  3. Re-installation App also done.

What else I can do?

Same issue for me as well, I’ve dropped mail and showed them the issue over Google meet as well but so far no update.

on Android it works fine but on apple notification of any kind doesn’t work

No news Notification
No Trade Notification
No Alert notification

Could it be that Dhan delivers notification to only one device (mobile platform)? That’s the one thing I can try after uninstalling app on Android. Just thinking out loud, or may be I’m just trying to being tech geek :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . That’s something, Dhan Team needs to confirm.

I’ll update on it by tomorrow.

Hi @GauravSaini

Request you to help us with your registered details via DM or email us at so we can have this checked.

sent details via DM. Thanks

any update on this from Dhan? Is it resolved? I am also facing the same issue.


Please do share your details at or DM, so we can check your concern as well.