Not able to analyse weekly option on dhan

I remember like when i used to analyze open interest on dhan before i used to get option to select expiry date like weekly monthly etc but like now there is only monthy I guess. I was able to analyze weekly data (OI data)before now its not possible I guess rather than focusing on developing app for option trading you should focus on web platform first I mean no professional trader will trade on mobile platform they will just keep eye on there position on mobile platform if they are away from the laptop or desktop So I guess focusing on web platform is better and I personally dont find option trader app that useful tbh

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Hi @omkar

You can analyse open Interest on option chain with all weekly and monthly expiries including LEAPS. We have made horizontal bar alongside each strike price for all calls & puts, which also gives you sense of relative comparison of OI among the options contract. Here is the Option Chain for your reference.

The column bar graph of open Interest is currently available for monthly expiries only, we are working to bring this for weekly contract as well.

Ya I am talking about column bar graph only like this

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@Naman please consider extending the existing column graph feature to weekly expiry as well.
The near term weekly expiry is important for OI analysis.

Hi @ginas

We have reverted to your feedback here : OI & Change in OI data - feature suggestions

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