Now Live: Fast Sell with DDPI

Without OCO orders, swing traders can barely trade on Dhan. I don’t know how you guys are swing trading on this platform. I switched back to Zerodha only because of OCO sell orders.


Currently i am using price alerts for sell. As dhan promises soon we are going to see forever sell order for equity/MTF and OCO order too.

Can you guide me about demat account annual maintenance charges on ICICI Direct and Kotak Securities like you mentioned ???

And offcourse Dhan too !

As you have read post above its (COMING SOON) dhan will update it soon.

I am glad DDPI is finally here. But you need to understand that Dhan platform is hardly of any use for Swing traders until we get OCO sell orders.

Also, an automatic OCO creation on a buy order completion would be cherry on top. Please add that to your “Coming soon” list.

Also, please work on the bugs and tech debts you have introduced in last few months.



everything is “coming soon (with bugs)” on Dhan

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@PravinJ please answer when will you provide OCO orders?

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Hi @mark3tn00b - our kind request not to spam the community with multiple comments, we have your feedback and acknowledged it. We have also stated that it is on our roadmap and we will bring the same to Dhan.

We have a small and limited team and we are constraint by time to serve our other customers, if same post appears multiple times. Appreciate your co-operation.

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I can see the “Forever OCO” orders in roadmap but nowhere getting clarity on normal OCO sell orders (valid for 1 day). Trying to get that clarity from you so please don’t call it a spam.

When can we expect the feature of OCO sell orders on equity (both Delivery and Intraday)?

Hope my question is clear now, waiting for your answer.

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Dear @PravinJ Sir

Why Dhan DDPI enable compalsary with sell and pledge both options

If I want To DDPI Enable with only Sell Facility
And Not with Pledge Then How I Proceed

Please give Option To choose which facility i want enable

Give Check Box Options and client decide for choosing options


My Aadhaar verification is struck at this and not moving further.

Hello @Shashank

Welcome to Dhan Community!
Requesting you to please share your details with our @Dhan_Help team at You can also reach out to our team via in-app live chat section.

Hello @KishorKela

We have noted your feedback and will try to incorporate this if feasible. Currently, we have kept for all facilities due to structural complexities of executing DDPI online. Moving forward, we will definitely look into custom selection as well.

@PravinJ been 5 days but didn’t get any response here. Not trying to spam, but could anyone in your team mind taking a look?

Hi @mark3tn00b,

For Equity, you may use Intra-day Bracket order type to place a trade with Target and Stop Loss. For open position, you currently have the option to either place a Stop Loss or Target from the Positions Tab for that specific day.

The OCO feature for an existing Equity position, 1-day or Foreover, is under development.

Please give us an estimated time when the Forever (GTT) Sell Orders for Equity will be live.
Without this feature, many Swing and Positional traders won’t be able to place their trades. This feature is available in Zerodha, so why not in Dhan? Also many would have activated DDPI to unlock this GTT Sell orders on Equity… But Iam disappointed by looking at the “coming soon”… But how soon? Please leave a reply and kindly do the needful at the very earliest possible… Many of us are desperately waiting for this feature…

If it is not gonna happen or will it take a long while to implement, we have no other option, other than switching back to Zerodha…

Please do leave a reply…

It’s work in progress and already on our list to ship in Feb / March, so expect it soon.

For other brokers, they have benefit of starting before EDIS were introduced and took a PoA, hence it is available. Rest assured, Dhan ships the fastest - we been told we are first in industry to get DDPI to work, and now logical next features on top of this.


@PravinJ Sir This is the last step I am also waiting for and ready to move my entire holding to Dhan and lot many other like me.

So far the product has been great. Also, If there can be import watchlist feature that can save us 10K per year we pay for Tradingview and can fully levarage the greate TV intigration you did. I must say, Superv in comparison with any other plateform.

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@PravinJ I do totally agree with what Vijay is saying… This Sell Side GTT on Equity is our top priority… As Vijay pointed out if the Import watchlist feature is included it saves a lot from paying for the Trading View subscription.

If this SELL GTT on Equity and Import watchlist feature is included Dhan is number 1…Otherwise, the Dhan platform is way ahead of many other Top platforms…

We really urge you to do this…

@PravinJ , Thank you so much for activating the GTT sell orders for Equity finally… Very happy about that… On time… Perfect :100: