Now Live: Mandatory Display of F&O Risks when users login to Dhan platforms

Hi everyone,

For all our customers, we’ve always strived to ensure that Dhan is one step ahead in terms of product innovation and customer support. However, as a SEBI regulated stockbroking entity, we also strive to maintain that we abide by the guidelines issued by the regulator, sometimes, well ahead of the intended date of compliance.

Last month, SEBI mandated that all stockbrokers display “Risk Disclosures” with respect to trading in Futures & Options (F&O) segment. This regulation is intended to empower Indian investors with detailed information about the risks associated with derivatives trading.

In light of this, starting today (1st July 2023), you may experience a new information screen each time you login to any of your Dhan platforms, across app or web.

You will only be able to proceed ahead only post you viewing the F&O Risk Disclosures. As this is mandated by SEBI which applies to Dhan and also all stock broking entities in India, there will not be an option available to opt out of this.

Note: In case you are not able to view the disclosure screen when you login to Dhan, it means either you have not activated the F&O segment or you are on an older version of the app. In this case, we request you to ensure that you are on the latest app version.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, kindly drop a note at

-Anirudha Basak
Product at Dhan


unable to login my dhan ac on both tv.dhan & web.dhan, after your recent updates of ‘Risk Disclosures on Derivatives’ on login screen,

I’ve click multiple time on “Proceed Ahead to Trade >” button but it’s keep saying that ‘session invalid’

Can you guys look into it and fix ASAP.

Hi @sachin8516, It may be because of browser cache. Request to do a hard refresh of the browser.

It will have same impact as horrible photos on cigarettes pack had … :smiley:

Completely useless and unthoughtful.