Now Live on Dhan - Transaction Estimator

Most people are scared of financial products - let’s accept this.

It always helps to know beforehand - what you are getting into while buying any financial service, to avoid a shock later. This has to do a lot with how financial products were and are sold over the years. Hidden charges, why this is free, what am I signing for, is my capital safe, and so on.

Being transparent - is one of the core beliefs at Dhan, and we want to build the product experience around this.

Introducing Transaction Estimator!

Now, for every trade that you are about to get into on Dhan, we are glad and excited to bring to you a transaction estimator that shows you a complete breakup of your transaction even before you place your order on the exchange.

What’s more -

  • Full details with all charges, including from exchange, STT, GST, Stamp Duty, SEBI Charges, DP charges, and everything else that you are required to know.
  • Get the break-even price for your transaction when you put your first leg - so you know what it takes to do a profitable trade.
  • Yes - this includes brokerage, which is anyway Zero on all Delivery orders, and just INR 20 when it comes to Trading.

Now get a close approximation of charges for ALL your trades even before you place them - No more waiting for your contract notes and P&L statements at the end of the day.

The best part is - you can also place your order from the same view where you review the full breakdown of your trade. So you can now save precious seconds when in markets.

So no more spending time and struggling with age-old brokerage calculators! All that you want is just a single tap away.

What will do we next on this - yes, you guessed it right. This will become real-time soon! :rocket:

100% transparency. 0% hidden charges - Always on Dhan!

Product Team @ Dhan


this feature is very useful and nice

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i think transaction estimator advertize pic showing the wrong breakeven price of reliance .pleasecorrect this otherwise people will leave treding.LOL

very useful feature but Missing in Dhan web > Positions > add more > order window

plz add Margin requirement & Txn estimator in
DHAN Web , Positions > add more option > Buy/Sell order window. here we cannot see the Margin requirement & Txn estimator!

hope this issue gets resolved quickly !

how to open transation estimator


Thanks for highlighting this. We will have our team check and update this.


Please click on the calculator sign at the bottom of the order screen.