Now Live: Pledging Your Shares on Dhan Gets Even Simpler

As traders, one of the most common ways of bringing in margins required for placing trades is via collateral (in the form of stocks/portfolio holdings) that can be pledged.

Considering its abundant usage, we built Pledge on Dhan to be one of the most seamless experiences in the industry. We have written a detailed post on Pledging Shares on Dhan here. Just to list a few benefits of using pledge on Dhan:

  1. Instant Margin Benefit within 15 minutes.
  2. Available on Options Buying (yes, on buying too) as well as Options Selling.
  3. Available across all exchanges: BSE, NSE & MCX.
  4. Available across all segments: Options, Futures, Cash, Currency & Commodities.
  5. Available across all order types: Market, Limit, Trigger, Bracket, Cover, Iceberg, etc.
  6. Available on both order legs: Buy or Sell.

To make pledge discovery on Dhan even simpler we have now introduced pledge in the Funds Top Up section as an additional method to add funds for trading.

The New Pledge Experience

As a trader, there are times when you have a portfolio that can be used as collateral but it’s lying unused or you are short on funds. In such scenarios, while topping up funds to Dhan, you will see a 4th option (other than the existing UPI, net banking & smart transfer methods) which will allow you to pledge your existing holdings on Dhan and use margin benefits from it for placing trades.

Please note that you will be able to use this option only if you have holdings to the extent of the funds that you want to add on Dhan. You can then select the stocks that you would like to pledge and complete the process as per the normal pledging procedure.

Try pledging your shares on Dhan today and let us know what you think!

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