Now Live: Update Email / Mobile Online

Hey everyone,

We understand that with Dhan completing one year now, many users want to make changes or modifications to their accounts. At the start of the year, we announced a list of features & capabilities that we will be working on in 2023 - and one of them was to ensure we build service requests for our users that are fulfilled digitally and completely online.

Itโ€™s about mid-January now and we have already started delivering on your commitments. Lots of users wanted the seamless experience that investors & traders enjoyed with PoA (Power of Attorney) which we announced this week. With the introduction of DDPI, Dhan is possibly the first stock broking platform to go live with the same. We also introduced an online option to add Nominations to your trading and demat account.

We take this further now - and are introducing users of the Dhan app option to modify their mobile number and email address fully digitally and seamlessly, with the latest app release on Dhan.

While we had a lot of requests to make this happen, Dhan, as a SEBI registered Stock Broker, has to also maintain and protect your account security at all times. This becomes crucial when our users have access to multiple platforms, across app and web.

Our email and mobile modification process has been built with the same philosophy, by balancing user convenience and account security.

To help you get started, hereโ€™s a walk-through of our Email ID modification flow:

The first step is to go to your profile and account details, where you can click the edit button beside your masked email address to initiate the change:

kyc new

Once you initiate the change, we will notify you on both your old as well as new Email IDs. We do not process your request for 24 hours primarily to ensure that you have the ability to cancel the request in case the change request was not initiated by you (security) or if you change your mind (convenience).

On successful modification completion, we will notify you via email on your new email ID only. You will also be logged out of all your active sessions to maintain account security.

The entire process may take anywhere between 48-72 hours, as we have to send the new details to all intermediaries, including Exchanges and Depositories.

You should receive an email from CDSL that looks like the one below after your email has been successfully modified at their system:

A few things to note here:

  1. A similar process will be followed for mobile change request.
  2. At any point in time, only one modification request will be accepted. For example, if you have initiated an Email Modification request, it will not be possible to initiate Mobile Number Modification unless the Email modification is either successfully completed or cancelled.
  3. To initiate an email modification request, you would require access to your existing mobile number (and vice versa). If you have lost access to both your existing Mobile Number and Email ID, kindly reach out to us at for assistance.
  4. At this moment, this facility is available on Dhan mobile app, and we will aim to bring this shortly to Dhan on web

We wish that you have a secure and smooth experience while modifying your Personal Details on Dhan. As always, in case of any feedback, kindly get in touch with us at

โ€“ Ravi Shankar Mukherjee
Product at Dhan