Now mark your Long-Term Portfolio separately on Dhan

Hi All,

Investing in the stock markets is possibly known as one of the best ways to create wealth in the long term. However, with the potentially lucrative returns comes inherent short-term volatility. This makes many investors uncomfortable.

A “buy and hold” strategy, also known as long-term investing, can help sail through market volatility. While there is no shortcut to wealth creation, there are tried and tested principles that you can follow for long-term wealth creation. These usually include…

  • The Magic of Compounding: To witness compounding of any form in the market, you have to be invested for the long term. It requires discipline, and of course belief in your investments.
  • Investing without Emotions: Overcoming emotions in the short-term for profits or losses, to see the magic of compounded returns in the long term.

While everyone usually acknowledges the benefits of long-term investing, the most common mistake investors usually make is - panic selling. Falling markets can make investors uncomfortable. The question is… if you’ve chosen solid stocks and are on track to meet your long-term financial goals, why sell at all?

Our focus at Dhan is to help improve the investing experience of our long-term investors and build our product & customer experience in a way that ensures users are able to achieve their desired financial goals via features enabled on our platform.

That’s why today we’re introducing to you a new feature - that lets you mark your Long-Term investments in your portfolio separately. Another industry first features from Dhan.

How to Create a Long-Term Portfolio on Dhan?

It is simple and seamless as always on Dhan. For every stock in your portfolio holdings section, you’ll have a toggle to mark the respective stock as a long-term investment. With one tap you can mark any stock as a long-term investment., and with the same ease, you can also un-mark it.

Once you have marked any stock as a long-term portfolio - you’ll see a new section created for all your long-term portfolio. Additionally, a long-term heart icon will get attached to your scrip which will always show that it’s a long-term investment.

What happens when you try to sell a Long-Term stock?

Yes, you can sell your stock anytime - we don’t stop you from that. We will simply nudge you with a friendly reminder that will remind you about your commitment to this stock that was marked as long-term. If you proceed ahead, you can sell the stock.

Now with Dhan, it’s easy to make sure your long-term investments actually a kept-long term. We hope this feature will help you maintain discipline with investing, avoid panic selling to book profits or loss - and yes, will help you achieve the compounding magic you were looking for.

Keep us posted about your experience with this new feature. As always, there is more to come for you because Dhan gets better every day with your suggestions & feedback.

Happy (Long-Term) Investing!


So all the shares in a given scrip will be marked as long term or we can choose how many shares as long term and others as short term?
Ex: If I have 100 RELIANCE shares, can I mark 70 of those as long term and rest 30 for short term purposes?
If yes, How will FIFO work here?


Splendid idea really, This is precisely how I like my watchlist, and to have a similar design in the portfolio itself will be a great addition.

Kudos to team Dhan.

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Would it be possible to check the pnl of long term investments and non-long term investments seperately?

@Kiran @PravinJ ,

I don’t see this newly added slider for my ETF holdings.

Is this only applicable for stocks?

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It’s available for ETFs & Stocks as well. In case if it is off, you will have to turn the same on from stocks portfolio settings.

Not at this moment, but we will consider adding this.

Thanks for adding this but we wanted more specifically value and gain/loss separately on daily and total basis and we wanted not only one folio addition but more of our own choice ie portfolio 1 2 3 different folio for penny stocks or short term trade or alternatively like real estate invit which move differently.i hope you have understood this .

I can’t see this option. My interface looks different. The Age and Tax tab are not present either

Hi @Vignesh_N

Please check if you are on the latest version of the app. If you still cant see it, then under the settings tab in portfolio - you will have to enable long term investing.

Can you have a check mark or filter type to hide these long term from portfolio tab? It will help to clearly define the portfolio.

Hi @googlekrishna

Yes, we have this already. Simply turn-it off from portfolio settings and it will not be seen.

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Can we hide these stocks itself from the portfolio page ? I can’t able see the settings for that.

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This is a real good feature. Probably industry first.

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Yes, first in the industry. Thank you @geordieananthem and welcome to Dhan.

Very good feature. Similarly is it possible to group or mark for Options Strategies. Many of the traders do multiple strategies in same account. To distinguish each strategy trades, it would be better to have some kind of grouping or identification of positions in each strategy.

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Thanks @TMJ for the kind words, and also welcome to Dhan community.

I understand this, that one needs to track them separately… however there are ways in which exchange trading systems work and they are different. Say, if a trader has same scrip as part of your strategy - while you know the same, neither we or the exchange does. All trading systems know is a trader has positions - open or close. That all, and with that it’s very difficult to segregate.

That said, many of our users now view positions by Group which helps them manage trades better. More about this is here: Introducing Group Positions: Now Manage Your Open Positions More Effectively

How about adding a small group button in the frontend which appears every time user selects multiple instruments (just like “exit selected positions”) ? This will then allow user to custom group his positions.

Also the auto grouping currently deactivates the sorting feature on the positions page. Sorting is also not available on mobile app. May be things Dhan team could look in to.

Thanks for the quick response. I like the grouping facility. However, please tell me if I can customize the grouping, thereby creating a group for each strategy trades.

Hi @TMJ,

We don’t have a plan to offer this option right now, but it’s definitely an idea we can come back to when we are adding features to the latest version.