NRI Accounts Opening


Dear Pravin,

We are a community of NRI investors who are very keen to be part of Dhan.
Please advise the timeline for supporting NRI accounts.



Not to hijack your thread, I’m going to be NRI soon, Can I write the options as usual?

I and many of my friends’ are also waiting to open accounts in Dhan.

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Hi @PravinJ @Dhan_Help

I hail from the state of kerala where there is a sizeable NRI population. Infact it wont be wrong to say that NRI money inflow keeps the state economy afloat. This expatriate community has the interest and disposable income to invest and trade in the stock market. They are currently distributed among other top brokers in the country. Fascinated by the Dhan experience they are eager to move to Dhan. Kindly expedite the process to facilitate NRI account opening.


It would be really beneficial for people like me if you would allow NRI’s to open Dhan account.


Hi @sudhak1 @sudeepsasikumar

Welcome to Dhan community. Honestly didn’t expect that we had so many users who are NRIs and want to open account with us.

Will evaluate this, infact we would love to do this - but the processes are offline and time consuming for both - users and us. I am hoping regulations will make things simpler for all in coming days.


NRIs will find time if you are willing to find time. They wan’t to flock into Dhan.

@PravinJ Thank you for the response.
The offline process will require us to fill out the account opening form and hard copies of documents and courier it to Dhan, it is a one-time process and we are ok with it. Hoping to see Dhan supporting the NRI accounts soon :slight_smile:

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@PravinJ @Dhan_Help

I hope the we are making progress, Do we have an ETA supporting the NRI accounts.



Hey @PravinJ ,

Since this could result into huge inflows, please ensure you’re not too late!

NRI Accounts


@PravinJ @Dhan_Help @Dhan

Want to bring your attention again to NRI accounts, Please note that we have specific reasons for choosing Dhan, and we are waiting to open accounts.

Please give us an ETA if dhan is planning to support nri accounts soon

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Pls advise HUF Category Account opening timeline also.

Already our markets participation relative to our population is abysmally low. NRIs should be given the opportunity to trade dhan dhana dhan with Dhan.

Hi @Kris

Yes, NRI account opening is on cards and we will let know when we pick this up as well. From whatever little information we have, think there is a thought process to simplify NRI investing by regulators / exchanges. We will take a view on this and check.

@PravinJ @Dhan_Help @Dhan

Its been six months since last update, do we have a ETA for supporting NRI clients? I am waiting for quite some time close the my present trading account and move to Dhan for F&O trading.

Can we expect this in 2023 ?

Hi @Kris, Good to see you back after a while. Yes, this is on cards and also it is expected that new regulations around NRI accounts will be coming, that will make things simpler from how they stand today.

We already announced this for our roadmap in 2023: 2023: What next to expect from Dhan

Hi, any update on Account opening for NRIs.

Hi @jan We have started opening NRI accounts offline, this is on a selective basis.

Thanks. Good to hear.
I had a normal account with dhan, which I closed after change of KYC. Waiting eagerly to join back.

Hi - I have a few NRI relatives (from UK & Dubai) who are active traders in Indian stock market. If you own Aadhaar & PAN & Indian Bank account then there might not be an issue with onboarding and start trading.

Edit: (this might be helpful)

My both relatives doing it differently.

1st relative - Last year they moved to UK. They already had Aadhaar, PAN, and Indian bank account. They just opened Demat account as a normal procedure. Never mentioned to broker or authority that they are now NRI. They have all the relavent Indian documents. They’re silently trading (with all legality).

2nd relative - They’re doing trading from a friend’s demat account. That friend is not stock market enthusiast so he doesn’t care about his portfolio and returns. That friend even opened a new and special bank account for my relatives on his name. They access his bank account from Dubai. My relatives pay him all the ITR and taxation related fees. But it’s very important to deal with a person you 100% trust. Their trust is mutual.

I hope this is helpful!