OI & Change in OI refresh


Can you please let me know what is refresh frequency for OI & change in OI data which is plotted graphically ?
Ideally OI graphs are refreshed every 3 minutes in other platforms, so just curious to know the case with Dhan

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Hi @DevT

Request you to help us with the screenshot where you are referring for OI graph on our platform, so we can have this checked.

Hi Sameet,

This is the place I was referring to, here we have Open interest & Change in OI
So was just curious to know what is the refresh feed for these graphs.

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Hi @DevT

We provide real-time Open Interest & Change in OI data for both ‘‘graphically’’ as well as in ‘‘data’’. In OI graph, you need to re-open every time for the updated data.

Furthermore, we have noted the feedback for live OI graph change.

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Hey @Sameet,

Are you trying to say that Dhan offers Tick Data OI refresh?

I only knew about 3min data feed refresh.

Can you please clarify the precise refresh rate?

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Hi @amit @Gangavarapu

By real-time we mean the data is not at all delayed, as an when we get an update from the exchange we upload the same on real-time.

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Hi @Sameet,

Thanks for the info.

One suggestion:
Can we have a icon/button to refresh the charts / provide a option to render these graph (OI,Change in OI, PCR, max pain) clubbed together in a new tab, because every time we have to reload the whole page manually to view the updated info for OI


Hi @Sameet ,

It would be nice if Last Updated date time is also displayed on the chart.

Meanwhile, just found that same chart on the mobile app is not at useful since it doesn’t cover the ATM and near by strikes. Not sure how can someone miss such obvious issue and call feature delivered!

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Hi @DevT

No need for refresh button here, because it gets auto refresh as we get an update from exchange. You also don’t need to refresh browser.

Hi @amit feedback noted for ‘last updated time’. Also thanks for highlighting the issue, we have checked and this will be corrected.

Hi @Naman,

The OI graphs are not auto refreshing.
I can see updated graphs only when I refresh the screen.


image is without manual refresh

one is with manual refresh.
for suggestion make it something like [trading tick] (https://tradingtick.com/options/oidata)

what is limit on api per second to fetch details I want to use dhan api for my site Trending OI