One change that dhan can definitely do is order placement

First of all i would say is Dhan is a super app loved it
After zerodha i got some good trading terminal to trade with & most importantly i got basket order i was searching for.
Now i was talking about a feature which zerodha has & i love it trading daily that feature is sticky order for scalping the order placement bar is open so fast u can buy & sell…im using dhan since a month but i feel u should give that feature because scalpers will surely. Opt for your app when ever they will know such feature….i trade in zerodha & dhan but for scalping i have to opt zerodha because it is pretty fast.
One more request not a complaint please remove that order execution sound & confirmation thing that order is placed & than executed it takes time literally
It should be a bit faster
Please bring some monthly or annual no brokerage plan for us


Hi @Pdk27

Welcome to the Dhan community, thanks for your kind words and for your suggestions. Will definitely make Order Window on Dhan sticky - can you let know if you require this on web or mobile app or both?

Also noted your feedback on our sound for placed & executed, btw these sounds are post execution sounds - that means your orders are executed first and then only the sounds are triggered… may be that why you end up feeling that it shud be faster.

Hii pravinji

I want sticky order feature on both mobile & web.

No main problem is not sound main concern is it takes little time in execution of order means not that fast like others.

Lagging is also there when u dont see the dhan tab for some time it does not auto update the prices , we have to refresh it.

Please bring mutual funds investment on your app

Hi @Pdk27

Noted. Please use the Instant Orders feature - with lighting bolt on mobile. Also we are considering adding Mutual Funds to Dhan as well.