Open interest and Directional movement indicator got updated?

Hi guys
Did Dhan just updated few indicators without announcing it. It was not updated till yesterday but today its updated.

1st- open interest indicator got a custom moving average line (simple/exponential)

2nd- Dmi, earlier use to have dv+, dv- and adx but now it has two more lines called adxr and dx…
Can u guys please tell what is adxr and dx and how to use them. ?

I don’t know if any other indicator got updated or not, if anyone notice any other indicator please replay.

And i wish dhan would post somewhere about this type updates since i couldn’t find it here.

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Hi @SunnytHeTrader

Yes, we have deployed the new library update and given access to select few users. We will be soon posting a detail community post on this once we open for all.