Open Interest historical data request in developers API and in form of reports in dhan apps

Hi, I want to know if it is possible to have historical OI data like the price actions. If yes, I would like to request this feature update in developers API, if it is not possible can anyone point me towards a possible workaround with the available data

Hello @vrajkishore

First of all, welcome to Dhan Community. Yes, it is possible to get historical OI data but currently, we do not provide the same as part of our Data APIs. We will evaluate adding this moving forward.

Thank you. I would also like to request option greeks data in options historical data. Both OI and options greeks data will help in fully automating the strategies.

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Hi @Hardik

Can you please provide historical options data with intraday 1 min charts on or maybe on a different website for back-testing purposes? No other broker is providing this. This will give us more confidence in taking trades because I would have back-tested my strategies on historical options data that too on charts.


Hello @Akhil153045

We have discussed this and didn’t find it viable at the moment to build. However, I have noted your feedback on the back-testing purpose and will reevaluate adding this in our roadmap.

Thank you @Hardik sir for considering this… please believe me this will be so much beneficial for all the traders… please guys try to focus on this on high priority in the roadmap. Please​:pray::pray: