Open Positions do not show up daily in Trading View Account Manager

I had practiced quite a bit on Trading View before signing up with Dhan. However was disappointed to find out when I started using Dhan’s version that you cannot see all your open positions the next day in the Account manager.

After the first day you can only see this in Dhans’s website’s portfolio section. I hope Dhan can reflect this in their version on Trading view as well. The original version has a nice summary with the days profit loss, account balance, equity status an open profit and easily daily for all purchased scrips.

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Hi @meltingriver

This is visible, I can see our positions and also checked - all seems to be working fine. Below is my screenshot.

In case you are looking for your Paper Trading positions, they are on your TradingView account and not on Dhan. Also if you have taken any positions on Options (which is not available on TradingView) - they again won’t be visible.

Request you to please connect with Customer Service on dhan at for such issues. We will not be able to assist for user-specific queries on forum.