Optimizing the Use of Built-up Section on Dhan Options for Better Trading Strategies

Dear @Poornima @PravinJ @Dhan @Dhan_Help and dhan team

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you today to inquire about the Open Interest data in the “Built-up” section of the Underlying segment on your DHAN option website console. I have noticed that the data is presented in 15-minute intervals, but I am not sure which strike prices are being taken into consideration when calculating the open interest for a selected scrip. Could you kindly clariffy this for me?
Additionally, I would like to suggest the implementation of a feature that allows users to select their preferred strike prices for unique built-up data according to user choice. This would provide users with greater flexibility and control when analyzing data. It would also be helpful if the “Built-up” section could include a 5-minute time interval option, which would enable traders to monitor market trends in even greater detail. This would be particularly useful for those who rely on short-term trading strategies.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight the importance of the Underlying section in Dhan Options. I believe this section should be given more prominence on the website console, as it provides traders with critical information necessary for making informed trading decisions. Analysis of data is the primary thing, and only after that can traders build effective strategies. Therefore, I suggest that the Underlying section be placed on the first page when opening Dhan Options, as it would improve the user experience and streamline the trading process.

Thank you

Hi @pkvvis Feedback noted, we take decision on product now largely based on feedback + usage. At this point we are working to optimise overload load times of Option Chain. Data on Option Chain is based on updates from exchange. LTPs are as they happen, OI isn’t realtime - its usually updated by exchanges every 3 mins and we stream it as and when we get the same.

In case you are not trading on Dhan, then yes - data is delayed by 15 minutes. Exchange permits only clients of brokers to see real-time data.

I appreciate your efforts to optimize the overload load times of the Option Chain and provide real-time LTPs. Your explanation regarding the Open Interest data helped understand the situation.

But, I didn’t get this point as I am not a client of Dhan?
Could you kindly explain why this is the case and how it is differentiated from those not trading on Dhan? Additionally, could you clarify why the exchange only permits clients of brokers to see real-time data?

However, I request further clarification regarding the Open Interest data. Could you kindly specify which strike prices or range of strike prices are being taken into consideration when calculating the Open Interest for a selected scrip?

Exchange permits real-time feeds only for those clients who are registered as trading clients, why is this - it’s a regulation, so can’t comment on the reasons - most likely to stop misuse of data.