Option builder web - strategy chart not working

Hi @Dhan ,

In option builder web, strategy chart is not working properly. As shown in image below, you can see its only plotting the index values and not the strategy values.

Also, this is a request, is there a plan to make this strategy chart show live data (live feed data) or auto refresh (may be in 1 mint) or at least can you provide a refresh icon.

For now, if I need the latest data, I have to switch tabs to get refreshed data.

Bug 2 :

For some reason, I think option web is behaving weird today. First I thought my connectivity is slow, but I checked my network speed and it was fine. You can see in image below, Nifty 50 index is selected but the data and index chosen was of BankNifty which I selected before switching back to Nifty 50.

Hope, I helped.

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Hello @vverma508

As it can be seen in the first screenshot, you have added two legs - buy and sell of same scrip which is 12 JAN 23 NIFTY 50 18000CE. This results in net price of 0.00 which results in strategy chart being plotted overlapping x-axis.

For the second screenshot, it is working fine at our end. Our team is trying to replicate this scenario to debug it, will update you if we find any irregularities at our end.

On the strategy chart price update, we have noted your feedback and will look into possibility of providing refresh button for the same.

Hope this clears out all your questions.

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Thanks @Hardik , My bad.