Option buying for retail traders. in my view

Retail traders don,t loose hope it is possible to make money from market volatility
1.you need a setup with 40% accuracy.
2. a rule book for your trades execution.
3. little math to save your capital.
4. rock strong emotions with slightly risky behavior to take trades on time and with little patience to wait for profits.
5.and most importantly hard core discipline with consistency .

In my experience
option buying is 2nd most difficult way to make money

  1. Option buying is like buying insurance policy of your asset like your car. when you buy insurance policy you have to pay money to insurer for a certain time period like 1 year . after one year what will you get ? nothing .
    same in option buying when you buy it start loosing its value.

  2. option buyers enemy is theta. its starts decay from the first day .if hold it still decrease.
    3 option buyers never wait for big targets. so it is opposite to the theory of patience which is the blood of every trader. a good trader become profitable after lots of patience and hard work.
    when he comes to option buying his practice of patience create hurdle for him.

  3. option buying wants lots of time to see charts options chain . those who spend lots of time in watching market . every time market is in their mind . there friend are also from market . every time market market market . they are good in option buying otherwise those who are in jobs and in other profession option buying is very hard for them.

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@Trader_Rdx yes, you’re correct. As a purely options buyer I don’t trade everyday. My setup comes once every 10days (and I already know that 1 day before that particular day). I usually take only sniper entry at right time. I don’t stress out everyday. Only wait for my setup.

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this is awesome . waiting for setup is a skill not everybody master this skill. you are insane :+1:t2:

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