Option Chain issue on Dhan app

The data in option chain on both the apps on iOS and Android does not refresh. When any item is clicked to see in depth data on the option chain and then go back to the option chain then the fresh data is visible. But still the data remains freeze.

Hi @Puneet

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We tried replicating this and it’s working fine. Request you to refer the below screen recording for your reference. To check on your specific case, feel free to email us on help@dhan.co or Chat directly from the CS section of App / Website.

Android Ios

PS : When you open an option chain for the first time, the Call prices are loaded first, starting with ATM options, and then Put prices get updated. Once all prices are loaded, you will see real-time updates.

i shall make a screen record on android as well as ipad to point my issue.

Hi @Puneet,

If you are facing this multiple times, we will be happy to get on a video meet with you and help address. Please share a convenient time on help@dhan.co