Option chain stuck in web

Hi @Dhan_Help

It takes around a minute to load the option chain in web now. I saw this yesterday morning and today. When we click to load the option chain it is stuck like this for some time before the chain loads.

Working at our end…

This is sporadic. It loads most of the time fast. But not every time in the last two days that I noticed. Even browser refresh doesn’t work.


Yes, it happens in Dhan TV too sometimes. Right click to open option chain doesnt open the options chain window sometimes but most of the times it loads super fast!

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Hi @ayaan @t7support

Dhan Web & TradingView on Dhan are two separate platforms that are deeply integrated within Dhan web.

When you trigger TradingView from Dhan web for first time in any session, we use your existing session to login and authenticate to TradingView. So yes, first time there may be a bit lag, but if we don’t do this - then it will ask you to login every time to tv.dhan.co. Once both sessions are on - all is seamless and fast.

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Yes, maybe I face it sometimes in the initial minutes because I directly login to TV Dhan and dont login to Dhan Web at all. In very less time, It runs absolutely fine after that!

Today before market open option chain was loading fast. Once market opened the lag started and persisted for few minutes. Now it is ok. Similar stuff happened yesterday.

This basically means the session was already live (nof first time occurrence) when this happened. Anyway I will check tomorrow also.

Also am on Dhan web directly and not on Dhan TV.

It is happening both on web as well as trading view. I have observed it yesterday and today as well. There is a delay in loading the option chain. As @t7support mentioned, it is sporadic and works properly most of the time.

Hi @Ravish_SN

We will look at this once again in detail and optimise for performance. Other way, which many platforms usually do on mini option chain (not all strike prices), we had look at that solution - but thats sub par performance. That aside, we will check this in detail again.

Thank you. The platform is wonderful. Please do not downgrade anything. It would be better if everything is optimised as it is feature rich and many more features are yet to be added.

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Yes please don’t downgrade to mini option chain. Zerodha kite has mini option chain and to load full we need to use sensibull app. But that is a problem at their end. One of the reason why I and my fellow traders migrated to Dhan.

Most brokers now have full option chain in their app. For instance the all zero Finvasia has it on their shoonya app. So please keep it full blown. I was just highlighting a minor glitch that I noted. May be something that can be fixed at your end.

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@PravinJ @Dhan_Help

There definitely is a problem with the option chain load time on web. For last 2 minutes the chain has not loaded. Its just stuck like the image below. In mobile I tried and it took around 15 seconds to load it.

Mobile app type loading dhan indicator will also be a nice addition rather than just a blank page section.

Hi @t7support,

We checked and found this to be working fine. We are always working to optimize and improve all our platforms. We have noted your feedback.

screen-capture (12)

Dhan Customer Support

As I posted earlier this behaviour is sporadic and happens close to market open in the first 15 minutes or so.

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On further checking this is my inference

If we go to Dhan FnO watchlist, click on Nifty option chain and load the option chain it is super fast.

If we go to another custom watchlist, click on an option and then load the option chain it takes time. Again this doesn’t happen always. It is sporadic.

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Hey @t7support ,

If possible do the screen recording, otherwise at the support end it will be kept working fine.


It happens on TV too, Sometimes it takes too much time to load after clicking (doesn’t open even after 5 clicks) and sometimes it is super quick. Yes, it doesn’t happen always, only sometimes but that “Sometime” can be a crucial breakout point and really don’t wanna stress out at that moment.

Yes me too experienced this on WEB today

Example: IBULL HOUSING FINANCE ( Took around 3 refreshes to appear)

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Not only option chain freezes but even charts too…I have added recordings in my posts…Chart is freezing and taking lot of time to refresh. Worst experience as it make this Demat useless