Option- Most Active has some issue

@PravinJ @Dhan_Help @JayK Looks like some issue with Option - Most issue and when I click on any script, the price disappears and order tab does give proper margin

Hi @Sachinkm,

Getting this checked.

Thanks for highlighting, @Sachinkm. We have identified this and it should get updated in our next delivery, which will be by the end of next week.

Hi @Sachinkm - can you check if you are still seeing the same?

@PravinJ @JayK @Dhan_Help
Sirs, Referring to trailing discussion, still I find the issues wherein Stocks Options highlighted within Rectangle are showing as zero LTP, OI, OI Change, Volume etc. and still are reflected as Most Active.
Please look into for the technical problem. Otherwise your Dhan Desktop is very user friendly and far better than other brokers.

Hi @anilpalan,

Thanks for highlighting, we are getting this checked.

plz check OI loosing data too , over the same place which is situated next to the most active option.

when we load more & more data in that few data doesn’t appear latest or stay blank…


and one suggestion for these options… (Most active , OI gainers , Oi loosers etc)
like if u can give us timeline on the above side and
when we select between two times, the data which we get or load is from that selected time only… jisko full day ka dekhna ho vo unke liye full day ka option to ho hi… (so we are not changing the current data structure, suggestion is to enhance the data use)

benefit of doing this… many times the morning one hour or half an hour data where action already happened due to first hour action overrides the current ongoings in the market)

e.g. in OI loosing Tab , if we select 11AM to 11.30 AM and load that data & we sorting it by highest OI loosing percentage or highest turnover it will give the current ongoing action where options that are being covered comes in the radar and thus helps to catch the right opportunity…
but in the current structure morning 9.15AM to 11AM data overrides such opportunities where action already happened due to morning large action !

hope u get my point & implement timeline on these features. i frequently use these features. hope to get these changes soon

Hi @Varsha777

Thanks for your suggestion. We will note the feedback and evaluate this.

@Naman @Poornima
Today i observed one more thing…

In Option Trader web , data doesn’t load well… many options and strikes have zero or past time data values.

where in Dhan web with the same Tab (here i talk about Most active , OI loosing etc) Mostly data loads but sometimes that also not the accurate recent data…

here i want to say 2 points

  1. Option Trader web can’t even load the same data which we can see in Dhan web Same Tab (Most active , OI loosing)

  2. Dhan web doesn’t always show or load accurate recent data for Most active , OI loosing etc

another thing i observed is… in Mobile App , option Traders Mob App… if we navigate to ideas > screener > oi loosers
and sort them by highest percentage loosers , sorting doesn’t work at all… & here we can only see the OI data only and percentage of Oi data not the price…

e.g. if i want to track stock options where OI loosing percentage is high and in the same list want to know which options have price increased at a time of oi loosing it doesn’t reflect in Mobile app , so plz give prices also along with Oi data in OI loosing tab in Mobile app (this thing is available in Dhan web same Tab , but there data doesn’t load properly or sometimes old data also come)

so plz
3) sync data across all platforms for Most active , Oi loosing
4) give timeline to select between specific time so that we can
use it effectively… (really need)

5) replace recent accurate data only above old past data (even Most active tab has data which is zero , Oi looser has data which is zero , How is that possible ??)

so plz consider all the 5 points whenver u improve these tabs (Most active , OI loosing) In Dhan. :heart_eyes: :pray: :heart: thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Varsha777

All market & trading account data across Dhan platforms are synchronised. The Movers & Gainers data is same across platforms. This data is as per the exchange and we update it in real time as we get update from exchange.

We have noted your feedback for timeframe based Movers & Gainers.

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