Options price ticker is choppy

The price update (price ticker) in the mobile app version is choppy and not working properly… it is not showing live prices… there is delay.it is the case with position screen and option chain screen… sometimes it stops updating on the position screen and need to change to different tab and come back to get the updated price… first I thought it was an internet connection issue, but Angel and Alice blue apps are working fine…Today I had to use the option chain screen of angel broking app to know when to exit my trades, because, the option prices and position was stuck and not getting updates even after switching tabs…it’s getting worse day by day… please rectify it asap…I switched from angel to Dhan because of the features, but what good are features if the basic expected functionality is not up…

Today, both web and mobile also hanging most of the time when volatility comes and every time need to do hard refresh to get the latest update. I thought it is issue at my end, but others also facing the same issue.

Last time also I have highlighted the issue when close the position in web, mobile will not get sync still the position will be running until we do a manual refresh.

I think your servers are working in a normal market, but not in a volatile market, please check and make your system stable both the market.

Hey @Ayyu

Welcome to Dhan. Bit odd, but we will check this. If you could email your details to our team on feedback@dhan.co with cc to help@dhan.co, will be great. We will check and understand what went wrong. Also pl confirm if this was on Dhan app or on the Options Trader app.

Hi @Hemanthcj

At any time we keep > 50% capacity free to ensure there experience is seamless. Can you also email your details to help@dhan.co and feedback@dhan.co, will have this checked.

We doesn’t feel seamless trading experience, I had checked it doesnt update like it has to be, i had compared price update movement with zerodha but i found lag in dhan

Hi Pravin,
As per your advice had sent email to feedback@dhan and help@dhan. They contacted me during Market session and I showed them the issue playing out live, via shared screen. They acknowledged the issue and could see that the option prices were not updating… They assured it will be taken care of, but the issue still persists and today it was like a whole new level of madness… It was very difficult to check price and place trade… and if once placed a trade it was even difficult to exit position as the price was not updating and hence had to toggle between screens multiple times to exit positions… out of 10 trades placed today I was maybe able to exit position in 3 trades without any issues. The rest trades I had to do the toggling circus to get the updated price and exit… this is getting worse now… for scalping trades you won’t even know whether your position is in red or green… please take care of this issue asap as it is hampering my trades… By the way the issue is with both Dhan and option trader apps… Dhan app version is 1.0.21

By the way when I was on the session with your technical team, i showed them the option chain page in angel one app so as to rule out any doubts regarding internet connectivity. It was working fine…

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Hi @Ayyu

I had a chat with our team regarding your feedback and suggestions, I have made some notes on this and we will explore how we can make the experience seamless.

To summarise:

  1. You were on an older version of app, that has been updated.
  2. Moving between positions to exit, I understand that this is a usability feedback from your side and not a bug as such. We will review how we can improve on this.
  3. Option chain in the app you mentioned, we reviewed this one just now. Dhan provides full option chain on the go, v/s the app that you mentioned it has a partial option chain at the start - and then then load the full one when user request for this. Dhan shows you the full experience upfront.

For full option chain experience, there are almost 100+ live prices x both sides calls & puts, ie. 200 LTPs that get updated on a screen at a same time. In such scenario, any fluctuation in phone bandwidth will make it seem that the option chain is lagging.

We keep testing app performance for Dhan everyday, and ensure its always monitored for our users.

Today i’m also facing some issue.

  1. Order execution and updating at the portal taking time when i open multiple web pages.
  2. Feeling like some spread issue most of the time when we place orders dhan it is executing for price, especially market orders, but it’s working fine, when i place limit order, when i’m using zeroda i don’t see this issue.
  3. Full screen chart loading taking time.
  4. After order executed when i try to sell the default quantity is taking 1 and every time need update manually most of the time i forget this.

Yes the version was updated on the call but the issue was ther in the newer version as well… wondering why didn’t your team inform that!. If you have the recording of the call or the Google session, you can clearly hear/see them acknowledging the same…

And Mr.Pravin, even if we can say agree on the option chain screen that it is happening because of the full option chain, it shouldn’t be an issue on the trade execution screen rt? But it does. Again if you could go through the recording of the conversation I had with the technical team (after updating the app), you could clearly see that mentioned. And moreover, Pravin, as you know it is important to know the exact price of an option before trade whether it is a full chain or partial. Hope you are getting where I am coming from…

And lastly… I think you did not get what I was trying to say about the issue faced today… Screen toggling was and is not a usability feedback from me… let me try to explain…

In a scenario where I have taken a position say at 200 price… and I am planning to exit position at say 215. Now when the price in the position screen is showing 215 or near to it, I select the position to exit. It will take me to the execution screen where I need to select the lot size and order type and tap execute. But the problem is that the price ticker on that page stops ticking after a few seconds… means initially when I get to the page it is ticking but stops updating within a few seconds… So in the above scenario if I go to the execution screen to exit position, the price shows 215, 214, 213, 214, 215… and it stops abruptly… and is stuck at 215 while the actual price might have reached 220 or 206… so need to go out of that screen and again get back to it and then it shows the live price but to stop updating again in a few seconds… so I am forced to toggle between screens back and forth in the app to get the live price and not because of a usability feature. Not knowing the live price while executing the order is a major handicap to trade… especially scalping trades… because if live price is stuck for few moments, you don’t know whether the position is green or red… you need to go out and come back to the screen to see the live price again… Hopefully you got what I am trying to convey here…

Please do watch the recording of the session with the technical team where you can clearly confirm that the version of app was not the issue…