Options: Set Auto Trigger Net Target Price (Excluding All Other Charges Except Profit)

The ability to set Net Profit (excluding all other charges) target for auto-sell would be a handy feature. example: If I wish to achieve a target of 15000Rs. on a trading day, I should be able to place an order based on my target. This Target should be net profit after auto calculating other charges so if my target hits, I have net profit of 15000Rs reflecting in my p&l. (Feature is available on TV but its not for net profit.)

Hi @Sunnykothari

We cannot give P&L-based targets and stop losses since it implies that we are making decisions on your behalf, which is against the regulations under which we operate.

As brokers, we have no control over which trades are executed to book losses or gains; it is entirely up to the user.

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