Options Trader App is now Open for All. Download and Get Started!

Options Trader App is now Open for All. Download and Get Started!

At Dhan we build with our users, all feedback & suggestions we receive from users plays a very important role towards our product roadmap. Options Trader App was envisioned after multiple interactions with our users, a lot of research on our side, we looked at customer demands and observed that there is a void of a prominent app / product which Options Traders wanted, but didn’t have.

We announced early access to Options Trader app at the start of May, and we have received immensely positive feedback about the same, and yes of course - a lot of suggestions as well from the few thousand users who have been using it almost everyday.

Now, we are very excited to announce that Options Trader App will be open for all. No early access registration required. You will be able to download the app, and can start your lightning fast trading experience.

Download here - https://optionstrader.onelink.me/BzOa/download

In a few days, we will also be allowing all strategies, screeners, scanners, and much more on the Options Trader app to be completely FREE for 100 days. Even after that, if you are a super trader on Dhan - the app will continue to be free for you!

With a plethora of features uniquely designed for the Options Traders and an initiative UI, Options Trader App has made its mark among the early users. The features which have particularly been liked by the users are:

:white_check_mark: 1-Tap Options Trading

:white_check_mark: Pre-Built Trading Strategies

:white_check_mark: Screeners for Option Traders

:white_check_mark: Scanners for OI & Volumes

:white_check_mark: Pay-off Graphs

:white_check_mark: Strategy Analysers

:white_check_mark: F&O Underlying Scanners

:white_check_mark: Baskets with Margin Benefits

:white_check_mark: Option Chains with Greeks

:white_check_mark: Get Margin Benefits with Stock Pledging

Additionally, over the past 3 weeks we also inculcated the features which users suggested to us:

Put-Call Ratio (PCR) Analysis
PCR indicator helps Option Traders to determine the market sentiment and trade accordingly. We are now bringing this to Option Trader app, where you can check PCR for all F&O indices & stocks.

This includes - PCR with Open Interest, Change in OI, PCR, Vol PCR and Max Pain.

Main Indices with Advances & Declines

Track Nifty 50 & Nifty Bank in a more intuitive way visually, by checking their advances and declines.

Nifty & Nifty Bank Indices now In-Depth
Both Indices on Home Dashboard are now tappable, and we have linked it to underlying Indices snapshots with further shortcuts to Futures & Options snapshots.

All navigation across these indices are now super smooth - you can move between Indices, Snapshots, Futures & Options very quickly.

Instant Orders on Options Trader
Lightning Fast Experience, as it should be. We have made the Thunder Bolt button on Order Placement screens a single-tap instant order placement experience.

Now it’s as quick as it gets, Single-Tap on Instant Order and your order is sent to the Stock Exchanges instantly!

Draft Orders on Options Trader
Who knows the value of saving time on orders, if not an Options Trader. We introduced Draft Orders (link) on the Dhan app, same has been extended to Options Trader app.

Just like your email drafts, Dhan gives an option to create orders now and execute them whenever you want! Now you can execute your orders at will. Build your strategy, monitor the markets - check market-depth in real-time, and when the time is right for market entry or exit, execute it instantly in a single tap.

And many more features like:

  • Best Bid / Ask on Order Placement window
  • Leverage & Margins on Trade
  • Fast Adds

You can read more about these additional features here.

Options Trading requires a lot of analysis and is risky comparatively, and hence requires a lot of effort to make informed decisions. Our constant endeavour is to improve the experience, and going by our obsessive product focused approach, a lot more advanced features are yet to come.

We are extremely thankful to our early registered users, who patiently waited for the access and took out their time to provide us with feedback and suggestions. We continue to strive for product excellence and best in industry user experience. We will await your feedback, and excitedly look forward to enhancing your product experience.

-Naman, Product

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