Order History - Not available (after modifications)

Hey, I think one of the most important feature of order modifications is missing in the DHAN, this is the key feature to understand the modifications a particular order has gone thru.

This feature is available in many of your competitors and not providing the same is not helping.

Hi @Shashidhar, Order modifications can be done on Dhan across all platforms. Order modifications usually take 10-15 ms, and instantly reflects in the order book itself. Can you elaborate what is missing here?

I create an order, I do manual modifications on the web.dhan.co multiple times

entered an option at to enter at Rs 100/- when the order is at 120
modified the same order to enter at 99.5 / 99 / 98.5 / 98

now the order in Dhan shows only the latest price of 98, but does not show me the history of the order that came from 100 >> 98 in 5 modifications.

I have no problem in updating the order manually, but history of the same ORDER is the problem

I am not talking about order list, it is the history of single order.

Noted, why is the order modification history required for… This is the first time we have such request in past 18 months of operations… we show pending orders, and final order state along with positions and P&L. Anything more that this in the data-set, makes the fetch request heavy.

I understand, but the request is more to do with figuring out at what levels the order has been trailed

this helps in figuring out if the algo has done proper trailing, except for the self logging we do not know if it was done at exchange level.

two things can be done based on your decision.

  1. Show the order history on the broker interface (most preferred)
  2. have an additional method like get_order_details, order_history, showing all the modifications done to the order

Sharing you the image from Zerodha, this is very helpful


it need not be part of the same order details response