Order Modification Creates Confusion in Order Type from Trading Panel


If I modify my “NORMAL/MARGIN” order , it shows “INTRADAY” on the trading panel while setting the price but actually gets modified in the Original order type. I generally press ENTER fast after modification so I don’t prefer looking at anything else.

While trading in speed to catch the momentum, it kinda creates a confusion to watch this in the order panel.

Suggestion: Maybe “INTRADAY/NORMAL” drag down button can be removed for order modification or let it stay in the original mode while modification of order too. :slight_smile:

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Also, If possible please try to implement “NORMAL/MARGIN” order for orders placed using the + sign if normal order is selected in the Trading Panel. It also adds to a delay to catch the momentum. I am completely unable to use the “Instant Order Placement” feature as the + button sends “INTRADAY” order as default despite setting “NORMAL” order in the trading panel.

The only reason I am asking to implement this is, if the breakout goes too well and anybody wants to carry forward the position, it can’t be possible at all due to this (Situation: Intraday order gets placed at an attractive price when intended to place Normal order).

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@PravinJ Can this be fixed? It will be really helpful for fast traders and micro scalpers. :slight_smile:

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Hi @ayaan

Thanks for your suggestion.

The selection of product type i.e. Intraday/Delivery/Normal is not native feature of TradingView. We have made it outside of the original library. Hence the synchronisation with other order placement method is difficult.
We can figure out the way to make normal/delivery as default product type but tv.dhan.co is primarily built for traders, and making normal/delivery as default will affect Equity traders. Still we will look into this possibility and figure out something.

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Yes, I really appreciate building this system when it is really difficult to implement!

Yes, I completely understand that it would to be very complicated to route something that is not in the original TV Library.

No worries, we day traders generally punch Intraday orders to keep the discipline and not carry forward anything in emotions! So, Intraday order is perfect for TV as default.

Yes, if some workaround can happen maybe in the future, would love to see it!

Thanks @Naman :smile:

Excited to see more interesting things on Dhan!

Please provide us with an option to change the Intraday default to Normal default.

Hi @vicrod

Welcome to the Dhan community

For tv.dhan.co we do have this option to select an Intraday or Overnight position.

The Dhan app and web platform remember your previous order type, whether it was Delivery or Intraday. The next time you access the platform, it will display that specific order type screen first for your convenience.